Did you know that junk food makes you fat, because it kills off the…


We all know junk food is unhealthy for us. Apart from making us fat, it also does a series of nasty things to our organisms. But did you know that it actually makes us fat because it kills off the stomach bacteria that prevent us from gaining weight?

Image Source: BLOGSPOT
Image Source: BLOGSPOT

Have you ever wondered why some people never gain weight, regardless of how often they go on binge eating sprees or how little they exercise? It’s because they have higher levels of special stomach bacteria, which prevents them from gaining weight. Fast food kills off these bacteria, which is the reason why it’s making you fat.

A researcher from King’s College London, named Tim Spector, found out exactly how fat food affects these bacteria. Tim started eating only McDonald’s products for 10 days – fries, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, chips and Coca Cola. During this period of time the fast food he had been consuming managed to kill off thousands of healthy bacteria that used to live in his stomach. At the beginning of this project Tim had nearly 3,500 various types of bacterial microorganisms living in his guts. Over the course of 10 days McDonald’s’ fast food killed off around 1,300 of those species. During Tim’s diet the fast food killed off his healthy stomach bacteria and left another species, known as bacteriodetes, dominate the rest of the microorganisms in his guts.


The rapid killing of the healthy organisms proved that fast food makes you fat, because it actually kills off the necessary bacteria you need in order not to gain weight. Or in other words, Tim’s little experiment proved that some people just don’t gain weight as easily as others, because they have more bacterial species preventing them from getting fat than other people have.


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