KFC Made The Best Gift To The Man Who Noticed They Only Follow 11 Herbs And Spices On Twitter

Image Source: Twitter

Not that long ago, a guy went viral thanks to a simple tweet. His name is Mike Edgette and he’s the one who noticed that KFC’s twitter account follows only 11 people – a number of Spice Girls and guys named Herb aka 11 Herbs and Spices. He tweeted his discovery immediately and the tweet spread like wildfire, gathering more than 715 000 likes and 322 000 retweets.

Image Source: Twitter

His discovery did not go unnoticed by KFC. In fact they decided to reward Mike for his discovery, starting by endorsing his social networking abilities on LinkedIn.

The perfect gift

When I say “starting”, I mean that the rewards didn’t stop there, not even close in fact. KFC surprised Mike by sending him an absolutely fantastic oil painting of himself, riding on the back of Colonel Sanders while holding a crispy drumstick as they make their way through a beautiful landscape. It’s infinitely cooler than a LinkedIn endorsement, that’s for sure. But wait, there’s more!
Along with this masterpiece, the viral tweeter got a letter by Colonel Sanders with a box with 52 KFC gift cards, each one worth 5$.

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Image Source: Twitter

As everyone who gets such an epic gift, the guy posted about his awesome new stuff all over the social media. Unfortunately, we know people on the Internet often get upset when they see someone being happy and so this story of Mike’s pride and joy quickly turned into the biggest KFC conspiracy theory since the “Mutant Chickens” claim a few years back.

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