Did you know that KFC workers were filmed cleaning chicken on concrete FLOOR in…


You won’t believe what KFC workers in South Africa are doing! And their actions are caught on camera!
If you were going to order KFC for dinner, you’ll definitely change your mind after reading this and you’ll probably stay away from the fast food chain for a long, long time!

Here is the Video. . . . . #KFCBraam


Posted by Mfumo Bamuza on 9 май 2015 г.

Mfumo Bamuza, a resident of Braamfontein, South Africa, couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what several KFC workers were doing outside of a KFC restaurant next to his apartment building, so he decided to film them on camera and show the video to the rest of the world. What Mr. Bamuza spotted were a few KFC workers washing off some chickens ON A CONCRETE FLOOR in what appeared to be an open space bin room just outside a KFC restaurant. The man caught everything on camera and uploaded it on the web later. The video went viral in no time and the KFC restaurant, which had ordered the washing of the chickens, was closed shortly after that.

As it appears, the meat wasn’t going to end up in somebody’s Crunch or Twister sandwich, but rather in the trash. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Why would KFC wash chicken if they are going to throw it away? And why would they even wash it on a concrete floor if they claim they have extremely high standards? According to the company, the chickens were about to the thrown away, but they were already covered in KFC’s special secret seasoning, so they needed to be washed before they were thrown away. The statement claims that the meat didn’t meet the company’s high quality standards, so they opted for throwing it away. Nevertheless, the restaurant was closed shortly after the news broke out.
The managing director of KFC South Africa, Doug Smart, even issued a statement in the press regarding the incident and claimed that the company has taken measures in order to make sure nothing like this happens ever again.


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