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Did you know that kids who are good at lying are more….


A study performed by a research team at the University of Toronto involved 1,600 young children from the ages of 2 to 16. The scientists found that children at the age of two who could “manufacture” lies or, to name it in a softer manner, “other versions of reality” had faster functioning brains than others. Moreover, the research concluded that lying at 2 increases the likelihood of success later in life.


The Canadian research found that 20% of the children aged two are prone to inventing and telling lies and that the percentage increases as the children grow up. In fact, they claimed that by the age of 3 half of the children lie and when they turn 4 nearly 90% of them will lie. The research team stated that it was difficult to find children who weren’t telling lies during puberty and that by the age of 16 the tendency to tell lies actually begins to subdue down to 70%.


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