Did you know that Kim and Kanye are about to sue their former bodyguard for $10 mi…


Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West are about to file a lawsuit against one of their former bodyguards and they might sue him for $10 million.

The bodyguard in question, Steve Stanulis, was fired from his position earlier in May and ever since then he hasn’t stopped making headlines. The man started spilling out secrets about what it was like to work for Kim and Kanye and now the celeb couple is about to sue him for not keeping his mouth shut. According to them, the former bodyguard signed a confidentiality agreement, according to which he’s forbidden from spilling out any secrets about their personal lives. Kim and Kanye’s legal team claims that the agreement rules out that the bodyguard should pay $10 million if he ever speaks up.


Since he was fired from his position, Steve has already had 3 official interviews, during which he gave out quite the juicy details about the most talked about celeb couple of our time. He revealed that Kanye fired him because he thought Steve was flirting with Kim while they were discussing some errands for that same day. He also stated that Kanye is acting as a snob even around his bodyguards and that he’s refusing to speak to them and that he’s even forbidding them from speaking in his presence! On top of it all, Steve said that Kanye even makes his bodyguards push the buttons for him whenever they are in an elevator and that he was forced to sign the confidentiality agreement only after he was fired from his job!


Kanye and Kim are entitled to seek $30 million from their former bodyguard for the 3 interviews he gave. However, they are giving him a chance to set the record straight by shutting up. Otherwise he’ll have to pay only $10 million for the secrets he already gave away instead of the $30 miilion.


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