Korean Girl Spent Two Years With Her Makeup On

A lot of women put on make-up. Face needs every-day care in other to be healthy and this includes regular removing of make-up before going to bed. However, there is a girl called Bae Dal-mi, 20 years old, who hadn’t removed her make-up for two years.

The beginning of that South-Korean girl’s obsession started soon after she had put on make-up for the first time at the age of 14. She didn’t just put on make up, she couldn’t imagine being without it. The desire for beauty became essential for her, so she decided to stop removing it from her face. And she began covering it with a new layer every day. She claimed that she wanted to be perfect all the time. So that was the reason for refusing to clean her face. But that was not enough, she said she wanted to have plastic surgery in ten different places.

Her mother was infuriate with her unreasonable stubbornness. She was forced to tell the story on TV. In a TV show dermatologists made her remove all the make-up she was wearing through the past two years. Specialist checked out the skin of her face and found out that it’s premature aged. Actually it was not only premature aged. Her skin looked like she was 40.

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Doctors recommend women remove every single night before they go to sleep in order to prevent damage on their skin.


Editor’s note:

I am pretty sure that there are a lot of ladies out there that wear makeup all the time. Ladies please do remove you makeup every single night. If you don’t feel like removing it every night I have a tip.

Dermatologists advice that if you don’t want to remove your makeup every single night you can go ahead and get a makeup tattoo. That way there will be no damage to the skin.

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