Did you know that Did you know that Lady Gaga has her own chicken…


Lady Gaga has her own chicken coop. Is she a farmer now?
If you thought Stefani Germanotta, who is more famous for her stage name Lady Gaga, couldn’t get any more gaga than she already is, you were wrong!

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Gaga is most definitely cuckoo and there’s no denying it. She just keeps shocking us again and again. She has managed to stay out of the limelight for a while, ever since her fiancé Taylor Kinney proposed to her earlier this year, and by the looks of it, Gaga has been quite busy… raising chickens! That’s right – by the looks of it the crazy pop star is becoming a farmer.

Gaga recently shared a snapshot of a chicken coop on her Instagram page and stated that the photo was taken at her own chicken coop. Wait, wait? Lady gaga has her own chicken coop? Yes, she does! The short caption under the photograph stated that the “happy young chickens” belonged to her and her beloved fiancé Taylor. She also said that it was time to lay eggs and that she and Taylor would have “fresh eggs all summer”. According to Gaga’s own words, the soon-to-be family actually built the coop to house their new pets. Before you think it’s a little too much even for Gaga, try to remember we’re talking about the Mother Monster here. Nothing is too cuckoo for her! Well, the only weird think would be to just imagine Lady Gaga running around her chicken coop dressed in a simple outfit consisted of a plaid T-shirt and some faded jeans.


Kinney proposed to the 29 year old pop star on Valentine’s Day this year with a gigantic heart-shaped diamond ring, which she proudly showed off on the social media.


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