Logan Paul Finally Got Punished By YouTube For Posting The “Suicide Forest” Video

Image Source: Logan Paul / Youtube

As we’ve reported, Logan Paul definitely received a decent amount of backlash after posting a video of a deceased man hanging from a tree. Logan, 22, visited a place in Japan that is known as the Suicide Forest. Also known as Aokigahara, the forest is considered the most popular site for suicide in the country of Japan, and is also believed to be the home of ghosts according to Japanese mythology.

Logan Paul, who is considered to be a prankster on the video sharing site YouTube, posted his reaction to the body of the probable suicide victim. This happened on December 31, and he received a lot of criticism. His own reactions to the body of the poor unfortunate victim could easily be described as distasteful as well as repugnant. He made jokes, after all, which just isn’t cool when dealing with suicide victims.

Logan tried to play it all off as an effort to raise awareness of suicide and the prevention of the suicide, but most people really didn’t buy his excuse.

Image Source: Logan Paul / Youtube

YouTube isn’t buying his excuse either. Immediately after the video was posted, the company was classy enough to release a statement, saying that the company’s employees’ hearts go out to the loved ones of the body from the video.

Here is Google’s official statement when the video was first posted and the controversy began:

Sadly, the identity of the deceased is not currently known.

Now, YouTube is punishing Logan, and in a pretty severe way. Really, they’re hitting him where it hurts: his wallet.

Image Source: Logan Paul / Youtube

YouTube made the decision to no longer feature Logan Paul’s videos as part of their Google preferred program, which means that certain popular brands won’t be publishing ads on Paul’s accounts. It isn’t easy to determine at this point just how much money he will lose as a result, but it could easily cost him tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. He hasn’t been completely removed from YouTube, meaning he can still earn some money from his videos, but their punishment is nonetheless a pretty severe one. YouTube also revealed that they have put a hold on his new originals.

If you’re one of Logan Paul’s many fans, and he has about 15 million of them so you’re not alone, you shouldn’t worry too much about his finances. He still makes money via social media as well as merchandise, so he should be okay. Also, he made over $10 million last year.


As we’ve mentioned, he hasn’t been completely cut off by YouTube, but the site did make it clear via their actions that they weren’t too happy with his decision to post the video that he did.

YouTube did the right thing eventually, but people aren’t happy that it took over 10 days to do it. Many have pointed out that the response should have been over immediate. To their credit, YouTube acknowledged that people definitely had the right to express frustration over the whole unfortunate situation.

Logan Paul did apologize for the video, although not everyone is buying that the apology was truly sincere. The video apology, believe it or not, was viewed by roughly 40 million people, which probably earned Logan Paul a nice chunk of change. In the video, he promised such a thing wouldn’t happen again, saying that the experience showed him how much power and influence he truly has.

Logan Paul claimed he was in shock as a direct result of seeing the body, which led to the controversial decision to post the video on YouTube.

Image Source: Logan Paul / Youtube

Paul himself, and not YouTube, took down the video of the suicide victim in Japan.

As we’ve mentioned, Suicide Forest seems to be a common destination for people—both those residing in Japan and foreigners—to take their own lives. In order to avoid the sort of negative publicity that would likely result, Japan does not offer any statistics regarding how many unfortunate people end their lives in the Aokigahara Forest. There are actually signs in the forest that attempt to urge those contemplating suicide to seek professional help from a medical expert.

It is worth noting that Japan has amongst the highest suicide rates in the world. It is actually the leading cause of death for Japanese males between the ages of 20 and 44 years of age. Over 70 percent of the suicides are men. Unemployment has been cited as a factor, as is the economic stagnation the country has been experiencing. While suicide is actually on the decline in the country, it is still a major concern in Japan. Depression is definitely an issue there, and job loss is often a major reason people choose to do the unthinkable. Societal factors may be partially to blame, too, as considering suicide an honorable thing to do has been prevalent in Japanese culture, especially when serving in the military.

There are multiple organizations that help those considering suicide, and they’re only a quick internet search away. If you’re feeling depressed and alone, please search them out and get yourself the help you need.


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