Logan Paul Returned To YouTube With ‘Most Heartbreaking Video’ He Has Ever Made

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For those who are unaware of the situation, Logan Paul got into a bit of hot water in the past couple of months. The young YouTube star made the questionable decision to travel to a forest in Japan that is well known for being a place where people kill themselves. He stumbled upon a dead body and decided to make jokes about the situation.

For obvious reasons, the internet has not been kind to the 22-year-old Logan. The internet star, who has millions of followers, decided to take a bit of time off to reflect; to his credit, he did just that.

The backlash Logan faced as a result of his choice was pretty darn intense. YouTube decided to punish him by no longer featuring his videos as part of the “preferred program”, a move that will likely cost Logan many thousands—if not millions—of dollar in the months and years to come. Bottom line: YouTube was not at all thrilled with Logan’s decision to post his reaction to seeing the body and joking about it.

Logan is trying to come back from it all, though, and he’s doing so via a video called “Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow”. Here’s the video.

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In the past three weeks, Logan really does seem to be trying to do a bit of good, as the video shows him interacting with anti-suicide campaigners. He is allegedly trying to educate himself and others about the tragedy that is suicide.
It is worth pointing out that suicide is the number one killer of men in the United Kingdom who are between the ages of 18 and 34. Men in that age range actually kill themselves at three times the rate that young women do; while it has been posited that more young woman actually attempt suicide, young men are simply more successful at actually taking their own lives.

Young men may need emotional support from family and friends; so if you know a guy who may be depressed, do yourself and him a favor—reach out and offer your friendship and love.

If Logan is earnestly trying to raise awareness of suicidal ideation via his actions—good for him.
You also have to give Logan credit for the fact that he publicly admits he has made mistakes. Not many people are even willing to acknowledge that they’re capable of being wrong.

In his most recent video, Logan says that he’s let people down, noting that the scandal he created resulted in national television coverage in the United States.

Image Source: YOUTUBE

Logan actually spoke with Dr. John Draper, who just happens to be the director of the United States’ Suicide Prevention Hotline. The doctor pointed out there are hundreds of people who are contemplating suicide for every person that dies because of it.


According to the doctor, it would be better if we told the stories of those who contemplated suicide and didn’t end his/her life. There would be, he says, an “influence” on people’s behavior.

Logan’s video concluded with an interview of Kevin Hines, who is a suicide survivor. Hines tried to kill himself 17 years ago by jumping off San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Now an author and film maker, Hines is doing pretty well, but he most certainly wasn’t doing so good back in the day.

Hines agrees with Dr. Draper—a much more earnest and open conversation about mental health is necessary. People who are going through Hell need to be honest about what they’re going through and the pain being experienced.

Logan’s video actually ends with him hugging Hines, and Logan has promised to contribute to the conversation regarding suicide. He’s even promised to donate a million dollars to foundations that work to prevent suicide.

Logan actually seems to be interested in—as he put it—starting a new chapter in his life. If his experience in the forest of Japan can save even one life, it seems worth it.

A lot of experts seemed to think Logan should have stayed out of the eye of the public for a bit; here’s hoping his return does a lot of good!


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