Logan Paul’s YouTube Channel Has Ads Again, But The Probation Continues

Image Source: Logan Paul / Youtube

You probably remember the controversy around of the most popular YouTubers—Logan Paul. He sparked a wave of outrage after one extremely bad move, and no matter if his later attempts to fix things were sincere or not, he still faced consequences and experienced some really hard times over the past couple of months or so.

But let’s face it—he had it coming, because he just went too far.

Eighteen days after Logan Paul’s account was suspended from the YouTube platform due to all the commotion created by his controversial acts, the ads to the account were restored.

Logan Paul has a huge fan base—his channel has more than sixteen million subscribers. He recently returned to the video platform owned by Google after his own decision to slow things down. The hiatus was necessary because he received a huge backlash after the video of the “Japanese suicide forest”, but his attempts to just wait it out were not successful, as the business relations with the platform were terminated.

Image Source: Logan Paul / Youtube

Reportedly, the platform restored the ads to his channel after the team behind it acknowledged that they were able to carefully review YouTube’s Community Guidelines and the Advertiser Friendly Guidelines.

This was confirmed by a spokesperson from YouTube.

However, Paul’s channel is still not going to be able to benefit from Google Preferred advertising due to the probation period of 90 days, during which all of the content on the channel will be kept off the trending tab, and the users who are not subscribed to the channel will not be able to receive notifications from it.

The video platform suspended all ads on Paul’s account on the 8th of February as a direct response to Paul’s behavior over a short period of time. Examples of his actions include electrocuting a dead rat with a Taser and “performing CPR” on a live fish that he just took out of a pond. Another curious episode was the moment Paul filmed the citizen arrest of an intruder who managed to break into his property.

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The temporary suspension of the ads on Paul’s channel by YouTube has decreased his income severely—some experts have estimated that he used to make more than a million dollars monthly from advertising on his channel. However, the YouTuber continued to upload his daily vlogs and to promote his own branded merchandise—Maverick—which features a variety of lounge wear. The interesting fact about his activity is that he was able to grow the number of fans during the period he was not allowed to have ads—there are more than a hundred thousand new subscribers to the channel.

Despite all of this, Logan Paul will continue to suffer the consequences of his controversial acts. As we mentioned above, all of his content is no longer on Google Preferred—it has not been since January. Google Preferred is the platform that allows different companies to sell ads on the top 5% channels on YouTube belonging to the most popular creators of video content.

Another restriction by YouTube was the decision to not include Logan Paul in the upcoming fourth season of Foursome, which as a romantic comedy series broadcast only on the web and created exclusively for YouTube Red. The platform also decided to out his new originals on pause.

There were quite a few setbacks for the star, but Paul decided to remain active, and it looks like that he is anything but out of the game.

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Earlier this month, Susan Wojcicki, the YouTube CEO, made a statement about Logan Paul’s content, saying that none of the videos he made and uploaded actually violated the “three strikes” policy of the company, and she admitted that some of them are controversial, to say the least. She added that the “three strikes rule” meant that if somebody manages to violate YouTube’s policies three times, their accounts would simply be terminated — such things happen all the time apparently.

According to Wojcicki, Paul’s actions so far could not be considered as a reason for those strikes. The CEO stated that they could not remove somebody off their platform just like that—there needs to be a clear violation of the company policy.

Wojcicki also said that the rules must be shaped and followed consistently, just like people follow the laws in their countries.

Written by Nick Martin

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