Man Arrested For Staying At Expensive Hotels, Dining And Skipping Out Without Paying

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A Man from the United Kingdom has been arrested in Washington. He allegedly stayed at the city’s finest hotels and dined in its most expensive restaurants. He apparently did not pay his bills.

The man, 21, is named Nick Cooper. According to ‘The Times’, he spent about a month enjoying himself in some of the United States’ capitol’s finest establishments.

At one point, he allegedly ordered a glass of 34-year-old Irish single malt whiskey that cost $1,200. Police documents state that the whiskey is typically kept in a vault, guarded by a combination lock. Nick is believed to be from Doncaster originally.

Nick has actually been arrested a grand total of seven times recently; on the 9th of March, he was arrested by the Secret Service near the White House. He was allegedly drunk and refused to move from the middle of a busy street.

He tried to escape, but was then arrested for public intoxication as well as failing to obey police.

Days later, on the 13th of March, he ran up a bar tab of almost $70 at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel—which is about 200 years old. Nick purportedly used a fake name.

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Then, later that week, Nick was arrested again. He supposedly damaged a glass door at the city’s Embassy Row Hotel. He also allegedly tried to resist officers.

He was then again arrested after dining at the Ritz-Carlton. According to reports, he ordered a rack of lamb and also grilled octopus. In addition, he ordered a bottle of wine that cost over $150 and a bottle of Moet Imperial that cost $100. He was once again using a false name.

Nick was also picked up twice by police because he was either unconscious or semiconscious in hotel rooms.

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Believe it or not, photos of Nick have been circulated in the US Capitol’s high-end bars; bartenders are being warned that he should not be served.

Other drinkers have encountered Nick and have said that he claims to be from Kensington, London; however, he is actually from Birkenhead.

According to local media, a person matching Nick’s description has been seen at the Hay-Adams Hotel bar. That hotel is opposite the White House.

He allegedly bragged about a shot of whiskey he was drinking—a shot that he claims cost about $1,200. He also bragged about a three-week trip to Las Vegas he took to celebrate his birthday.

The director of the National Churchill Library and Center at George Washington University—Michael Bishop—claims he saw Nick doing his thing.

Bishop said it was amusing watching Nick drink so many expensive drinks, adding that Nick “appeared knowledgeable”.
According to court documents, Nick twice begged police to shoot him.

Earlier this week, Nick was arrested for contempt of court; he had ignored a judge’s orders to stay away from the White House.

His lawyer has pleaded not guilty on Nick’s behalf to charges of second degree theft.

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