Man Claims Painkiller Turned Him Gay And He Doesn’t Want To Stop Taking It

Image Source: This Morning, ITV

A man is claiming that a certain painkiller actually managed to turn him gay. He now plans to keep taking the drug because he is worried that he will become straight again if he stops using it.

The man’s name is Scott Purdy, and he is 23 years old. The unemployed man says that Pregabalin, which is also known as Lyrica, managed to turn him into a homosexual. According to him, it “killed” his interest in his ex-girlfriend.

On ITV’s program “This Morning”, he explained his situation; he told the hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that he had been bi-curious as a teenager, but also said that he did not enjoy the experience.

Scott Purdy has been taking various painkillers since he broke his foot due to a go-karting accident back in 2012.

He said that all he craved was male attention while on Pregabalin, which he found a bit weird, so he stopped taking the drug—just in case.

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He claims that, as soon as he did so, his attraction towards his ex-girlfriend returned. He was more “intimate and cuddly”, he claimed, and it was “normal” again.

The pain returned, however, so he resumed taking Pregabalin.

Scott said that he is really happy now that he is back on the drug, and his fear is that he will go back to who he was if he stops taking it; he said that he does not want that to happen.

Scott admitted that it is very confusing to him and—right from the start—did not know if the situation was related to the pill; it could have just opened him up to being happier. However, when he stopped taking the drug for a short time, he was not happy.

Scott is hoping to find love with a man, and he is using dating sites to find the love he seeks.

Scott said that as a teenager he knew another male who was gay; he kissed that person, but decided it was not for him.

He broke his foot back in 2012. He had been taking Codeine and Tramadol, but they started to make him feel ill. He was prescribed Pregabalin in February.

After four or five days on Pregabalin, he said, he started having feelings. His relationship with his girlfriend suffered. He was giving her less in the way of cuddles and attention, he said. She knew he was on painkillers.

Image Source: This Morning, ITV

When asked if he could be offending the LGBT community by making the claim that a drug made him homosexual, Scott said that he didn’t have feelings towards men until he started taking the drug in question.

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He said he never really had any desire for men in an “I want you” sort of way. He described his new feelings as “out of the blue”, pointing to the fact he experimented when he was younger and did not want it then.

Image Source: Tom Maddick/

Scott isn’t in touch with his family for reasons unrelated to his newfound desire for men, so there hasn’t been any reaction from them. He said that a couple of his friends find the whole thing “bizarre”.

They understand, he said, but they also don’t.

He described the situation using Facebook; according to him, people did not see it coming and saw it as shocking—as it is out of character for him.

Dr. Ranj Singh of “This Morning” spoke regarding Scott’s situation, saying that the drugs are not making Scott gay, but were reducing anxiety, which allowed Scott to come to terms with his sexuality.

The doctor said that his professional opinion is that the drugs allowed Scott to express what was already present. The drugs allowed Scott to be his true self. The feelings were probably always there. If he is happy, the doctor said, that is a good thing.

Image Source: This Morning, ITV

The doctor, who just happens to be gay, said that drugs can increase or reduce a person’s sexual desire.

He also said that Scott should not continue to take Pregabalin in order to maintain his sexuality. Singh admitted he has taken Pregabalin himself, but said it did not make him any “gayer”.

Pregabalin, which is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, is used to treat conditions such as chronic pain and generalized anxiety disorder. It can also be used to treat alcohol withdrawal.

There are a lot of common side effects associated with the use of the drug, including sleepiness, dizziness, euphoria, dry mouth, and weight gain. It can be addictive if taken for a long period of time, but the risk of addiction is considered low.

In very rare cases, the drug can cause hypertension, pancreatitis, and suicidal thoughts.


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