Man Killed ‘6-month-old Stepson After Mistaking Him For A Spider’

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A man charged with the murder of an infant—who would have been his stepson—now claims that he thought the baby who was lying on his chest was actually a spider. It sounds ridiculous, but this claim is an actual fact.

Dwayne Lindsey was alone with six-months-old Chayse because his mother Michelle Dearing went to a 24-hour shop one night in June 2016.

Soon, Lindsey called Dearing and told her that there was a problem with the baby and that she needed to return home.

During the interrogation into the crime, Lindsey denied that he wanted to purposely hurt the baby or take his life. His version of the story is that little Chayse simply rolled off his chest when Lindsey jumped up because he was frightened; upon falling down, Lindsey said, the baby’s head struck a heater.

Image Source: 7 News

The prosecution stated before the Supreme Court of Victoria that the baby’s injuries included traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.

The prosecutor Nicholas Papas QC stated that there is a significant mismatch between Lindsey’s testimony and the medical reports, which clearly show that the baby’s death was almost certainly not caused by a random accident

Chayse’s mother and two of her friends reportedly went to a 24-hour shop at 4 a.m. A little more than four hours later, Lindsey called her and said that there was something wrong with her son—there was blood running down his nose.

Image Source: 7 News

The prosecutor also added that the scene became very chaotic after Michelle Dearing and her friends returned home. She became emotional and collapsed.

Brian Woods, one of the neighbors, recalled that he heard Lindsey and Dearing fighting on the night the infant died.

The witness even claimed that Lindsey made an attempt to wake the baby after the incident by howling like a dingo; Lindsey clearly knew there was something very wrong.


The baby’s mother spoke before the court and said that she and Dearing had plans for a wedding prior to the incident. Lindsey reportedly proposed to Dearing just a few days before her child’s death.
One of the friends with Dearing on that tragic night told the court that Dearing collapsed in the doorway, right before the bedroom, as soon as she saw her son.

Image Source: 7 News

The same witness claimed that she personally taught Lindsey a few special techniques to calm a baby down, and in her opinion he was very patient—especially considering that the child was not his own.
The trial is ongoing and will probably end in a week, so we will learn what the outcome will be—and if Lindsey is telling the truth or not.

Unfortunately, there are many other cases of confirmed child abuse and cruelty. One of most shocking ones recently was the case of Zion Shockley.

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He reportedly got upset after losing while playing the video game “Call of Duty”—and also by the mocking of the other players—so at one point he simply turned off his video game system and savagely shook his own child to death.

The Pennsylvania man faces murder charges after the accusation of attacking his 5-month-old daughter, ultimately causing her death.

Police reports say that the 18-year-old man was angry about other players’ reactions after he lost. One of them called him “a failure”.

Shockley later told the investigators that he shook his little girl for about a minute after he threw her up in the air and then intentionally failed to catch her. When the infant went into cardiac arrest, Shockley called the police, and they quickly took the infant to the hospital; however, there was very little they could do. The baby was bleeding from the eyes and the brain, and the medical staff even noticed traces of ongoing abuse.

After two days in the hospital, the little girl died due to the injuries.

Shockley is currently in jail and has been denied bail. While some of his family members defend him, the District Attorney Tom Hogan stated that a man who purposely hurts and even murders his own child just because he lost in a video game shouldn’t have been near a child in the first place.

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