Man Photographed His Incredible Transformation Into Woman In Just 17 Months, Her Face At The End Says It All

7. Still at 11 months but we can really see the progression on this picture. Selgal’s first picture she actually liked.

8. She thinks she still has a way to go though.

9. This is at the beginning of her sophomore year, which means Selgal’s at 12 months into HRT.

10. Here we have a classroom selfie, still at 12 months.

11. And here’s a messy hair one at 12 months.

12. We can observe a grumpy-looking Selgal at 13 months of HRT.

13. Certainly looking calmer here, 13 months.

14. At 14 months in, we get a shot of Selgal’s upper body. We can really see the reduction of her muscle mass here even though she wasn’t very muscular to begin with.

Written by Patrick Bennet

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