Man Played The Same Lottery Numbers For Years And Finally Won $21 Million On Friday The 13th

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Some people say that when you want something very bad and believe in it, soon or later it will happen. On the other hand, there are people who believe that as soon you stop thinking about it, it happens. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Perfect example is Kevin Blake, 54, who has been playing the lottery for years. Before the lottery became a part of his everyday life he was hoping to win every single time he played. Just like many other people he used to associate Friday the 13th with bad luck, because of legends and beliefs. Kevin will remember this day as the luckiest in his life. On Friday, October 13th, with the numbers he has always played, Kevin Blake won the Mega Millions lottery.

Mr. Blake, from Waterford, said that he has played the same numbers in the same 7-Eleven store and when he went for a ticket, he didn’t even think that it was Friday the 13th. He just bought the $5 ticket and played the family birthdays as always – 02-07-18-26-31.

Buying the winning ticket

The whole procedure has become so routine that when Kevin bought the ticket, he put it in his wallet and continued with his daily routines. On Saturday night Stephanie, Kevin’s wife, was watching TV after he went to bed. She was watching the local news when she saw that a Waterford man had won half of the big jackpot, which was $42 million. She thought how weird it was, that a man from their city had won the lottery and decided to wake him up to share the good news, without even expecting he was the one who won the $21 Million. While looking for some other information about who is the winner, Blake’s family learned that the ticket was bought from the same 7-Eleven store he did. Finally they decided to check online the winning numbers and realized these were their birthdays and he got the winning ticket.

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After the taxes, Kevin and Stephanie will receive $9.3 million. The 54-years-old man stated that the money will not change them and they will continue working. They will use the money to pay off bills and will invest the remaining in their retirement. This is a really smart decision.


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