Man Uses Google Earth To Track Down Missing Flight MH370

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Four years ago, passenger flight MH370 went missing. Now, a man is claiming that he used Google Earth to track it down.
The flight was carrying 239 people, and it was travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Just a few short hours into its journey on March 8th of 2014, it disappeared. When Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared, it was above the Indian Ocean.

There was an enormous surface and underwater search, of course, and it cost over 100 million. China, Malaysia, and Australia were involved in the search. Despite the costly efforts, the plane wasn’t found. In January of last year, the search was officially suspended—after over 1,000 days.

Little pieces of debris were found washed up on islands located in the Indian Ocean, as well as on the African coast.

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While there was a costly search involving many countries, it is an Australian mechanical engineer who thinks he found the plane—and he allegedly did so using Google Earth. The aforementioned engineer claims that he has investigated crashes for over a quarter century.

His name is Peter McMahon. According to him, he has spent months studying images from NASA as well as Google Earth in order to locate the missing aircraft.

The exact spot of the missing aircraft, according to him, is roughly 10 miles south of Round Island. According to Peter, the spot shows the outline of a plane.

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When speaking to the media, Peter said that he has sent the image off to the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau. That organization has apparently confirmed that it actually could be the missing aircraft.

Peter said that four Americans were sent to Australia, and they were sent in order to supervise the findings regarding MH370—he added that the information received has been hidden from the public and also the government. Peter claims that authorities do not want the plane found due to the fact it is full of bullet holes; as a result, finding it would just open another inquiry.

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The BBC has reported that a company known as Ocean Infinity recently leased a Norwegian research ship in order to search for the aircraft in new areas. It is said that the vessel carries several submarines, which should be able to search for the missing aircraft much more quickly than it was searched for before. However, the United States-based company is not revealing the cost of the endeavor.

CNBC has reported that the release of a full report into the disappearance of MH370 has been suspended. This might be because authorities are waiting for the results of the United States-based exploration firm’s search.

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There have been discussions of a possible cover-up as a result of the full report potentially being held back.
Malaysian investigators, in a statement sent to the families of those who were on the missing plane, said that any new evidence might drastically impact the investigation—adding that a team will conduct additional investigations if the aircraft is found.

The search may have officially ended last year, but the governments of Australia, China, and Malaysia have said that they intend to reopen the investigation should any credible information be revealed.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is actually one of the deadliest incidents involving a Boeing 777, and it is the second most deadly in the history of Malaysia Airlines. There were 12 crew members who lost their lives on March 8th of 2014, two of whom were pilots.

It is unknown exactly what happened to Flight 370, but there are a lot of theories. One theory involves two men who may have boarded the flight with stolen passports.

According to United States intelligence, however, the most likely explanation is that someone with access to the cockpit actually reprogrammed the aircraft’s autopilot. Police actually searched the homes of the pilots of the aircraft and also seized the financial records of crew members. According to Malaysian law enforcement, over 170 interviews were conducted as a result; family members of the pilots and crew were interrogated.

Considered one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time, there are more questions than answers in regard to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. If the aircraft has indeed been located by Peter McMahon, answers may be coming in the following weeks and months.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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