Masterpiece: Wedding Dress Left In The Dead Sea For 2 Years Turns Into That

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Art uses creativity and imagination of the person who created it. You don’t need a degree to say “hey, this one is great and I love it”. It’s just love at first sight. That’s what makes it special. That one feeling you are getting when you see it.

When we talk about art this is a great example of how one creative person can create a real masterpiece. The Israeli artist Sigalit Landau didn’t need anything special. She just got an idea and that idea became reality creating this beautiful salty dress.

Her lastest project is called “The Salt Bride”

As we all know The Dead Sea is the most salty one in the world. She just got an old family wedding dress and put it underwater and waited.

Image Source: My Modern Met

The Dybbuk inspired her

The real inspiration came from The Dybbuk or also known as Between Two Words. It is a play authored around 1913. It’s about possession of a young woman by the malicious spirit of her dead lover.

Image Source: My Modern Met

Deep relationship with The Dead Sea

Sigalit said that she had a deep relationship with The Dead Sea and it inspired her. According to her it’s like going in a different dimension, world, logic and so on….

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Image Source: My Modern Met

Sigalit had an idea of what would happen, but never actually thought of the final result

She kept waiting and took a picture every 3 months. Every time she went there to visit The Dead Sea was taking turn. The Salt was taking over and the crystals were building up. According to her it looked like tears, snow, sugar and so on.

Image Source: My Modern Met

Taking it out of the water was harder than they thought

The salt was really heavy, but they manage to successfully take it out. You can see it at London’s Marlborough Contemporary (Salt bride exhibition).

Image Source

I am not too much into art, but this one is a beautiful one. If I have a chance, I’d certainly go and visit.

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