Mikayla Holmgren Just Became The First Person With Down Syndrome To Compete For Miss Minnesota USA

Sandi Holmgren, Mikayla’s mom told the Buzzfeed interviewers how she had strong doubts that her daughter would be accepted at the pageant as she has Down syndrome, but was left quite surprised as the people behind the scenes still wanted the girl to be a part of the whole thing. At first, Sandi explains, she was unable to realize the scale of things, considering that the pageant was part of the Miss Universe competition and she needed weeks in order to grasp the grandeur and importance the event had for her beloved daughter.

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Mikayla appeared on stage dressed in a stunning blue dress and was greeted with a standing ovation by the audience as she was given the awards.

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The executive director said some beautiful and encouraging words for the young Homgren as she presented her with the Spirit Award, describing her as having a powerful and positive effect on people with everything she does. She continued her speech by praising Mikayla’s selflesness, determination, ambition and humility, facing every obstacle with a smile on her face.

A report by the Pioneer Press was made about several mothers who brought their daughters with Down Syndrome to see Mikayla’s participation in the event.

Lana Beaton, one of the aforementioned mothers who brought her 2-year-old daughter, Clara, was overwhelmed with joy and excitement, as well as feeling more hopeful than ever for her child’s future.

The rising star and role-model Holmgren spoke about her aspirations for the future, saying how she wants to show the world that young girls and women with disabilities can take part in the Beauty and talent competitions just as anyone else can.

Mikayla looks forward to modeling and dancing more in the future, noting that all her routines are choreographed by herself. She has a bright future and she knows it.

Written by Jacob August

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