Miley Cyrus Trades The Dance From Her MTV Performance For Something Worse In Her New Video…


Miley Cyrus’ new video ‘Wrecking Ball’ has become everything people in the media talk about ever since its release a couple of weeks ago. It follows the same trend of Miley’s performance at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this year : Miley is as provocative as she can possibly be and she’s wearing less and less clothes. Or, as it seems in this particular video, nothing at all.

miley (1)


By now it is pretty obvious that Miley is trying to get as far away from her Disney darling image as possible and so far she is doing a very good job, we have to give her credit for that. But both her MTV VMA performance and her latest video have gathered lots of negative comments. Critics have even described her latest work as “a desperate attempt to be shocking but trying too hard”. However, despite being labeled “artless and laughable” the 20-year-old singer new video is one of the most viewed on Youtube and reaching as many people as possible is the main goal of every performer, isn’t it? Check out the video for yourself.


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