Mother of 4 Hits Out At A Vile Meme Mocking Her Deformed Children

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A woman—a mother of four children—is speaking out against the internet trolls who are mocking her children. Her children are suffering from a particularly rare genetic deformity.

The mother’s name is Bobbie-Jo Theriault. She has said that she is disgusted due to a hurtful and cruel meme; it featured an image of her family. The caption read “when you don’t learn from your mistakes”.

Bobbie-Jo, who is 43 years old, happened to be born with Crouzon Syndrome. The syndrome causes a person’s head to be misshapen.

She has four children. Her 14-year-old son Jayden and her eight-year-old triplets inherited the condition. The triplets’ names are Kaylin, Taylor, and Kaydence. They had to endure surgeries as a result of the condition.

The meme has been circulated on Facebook pages. It is likely that it was seen many times by many users before Bobbie-Jo reached out to Facebook in order to report the content.

Bobbie-Jo lives with her kids and husband—Fredrick, who is 47—in Florida. She said that a friend contacted her in order to say they had seen the post.

Bobbie-Jo said that she was disgusted when she saw the post. After all, those being mocked were just kids. She said that she does not know how people can do such a thing, adding that she finds it hurtful.

The people who mocked her children are “disgusting”, she said. Bobbie-Jo wondered who else the trolls are offending.

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As she pointed out, nobody really knows her story or the story of her family; however, people find it appropriate to post offensive things—and they know nothing of her children.

She condemned trolls who hide behind her their keyboards, while saying that she is worried her children are almost at the age they will use social media. She is fearful that her children will be contacted by the “trolls” via social media.


Bobbie-Jo said there a lot of cruel people out there—especially on the internet. Those people hide behind their keyboards, but would never say cruel things to one’s face.

She expressed concern over her kids getting older and using social media more. She would like to ask people what is wrong with them. After all, she points out, people are mocking children.

Apparently, a lot of Bobbie-Jo’s friends reported the meme. She said that she does not understand what gives people the right to do hurtful things.

Image Source: Caters News Agency

Bobbie-Jo said that she was overjoyed when she learned that she was carrying triplets; however, she allegedly had no idea that the triplets could be in danger from having a possibly life-threatening form of Crouzon Syndrome.

Bobbie-Jo has admitted that schoolmates teased her when she was young because of her appearance—her eyes were mildly protruding. She thinks that it all made her a stronger person, and she also thinks she was better able to help her own children as a result.

Image Source: Caters News Agency

She says that children are going to be children, and bullying exists everywhere. All of her triplets, she says, will likely come across a person who will bother them. However, they will have her to help them.

Image Source: Caters News Agency

Crouzon Syndrome, a genetic disorder, results in the early fusing of the skull’s bones. Therefore, the development of the face is abnormal. The face becomes misshapen; pronounced features are a symptom. In addition, there are often dental issues, such as an under bite.

Crouzon Syndrome affects about 1.6 out of every 100,000 people. A child can inherit the condition even if only one parent is a carrier, and a person with the syndrome has a 50 percent chance of passing it on to their children. About 97 percent of children who have the syndrome have normal levels of intelligence.

The typical treatment for the condition is surgery; some children develop breathing issues due to the shape of their face. Blindness and intellectual disabilities may develop if surgery is not performed. However, once surgery is performed, those with the syndrome tend to have normal lifespans.


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