Mum of Teen Who Killed Herself After Sending Wrong Snapchat Calls Out For Better Mental Health Support

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Debbie Guy, the mother of the teenage girl who committed suicide after she sent a Snapchat message to her ex-boyfriend by mistake, is now attempting to raise awareness about the mental problems people have and the support they should receive.

The mom of 17-year-old Charlotte—who took her own life—stated that there was way more that could have been done to help her daughter and ultimately save her life if she had been able to receive the mental support she needed earlier.

Mrs. Guy spoke about her daughter and gave details about her mental health, revealing that Charlotte had mental issues for the last five years, which were largely the result of school bullying.

Image Source: Caters News Agency

The devastated mother said that if her daughter had been treated and given the proper mental health support she desperately needed when she first felt like she wanted to end her life back in 2013, she would still be here with us today. Debbie Guy also said that her daughter and her boyfriend Jack ended their relationship a few days prior to the incident, and the 48 hours in between were very chaotic—Charlotte was confused.

The day Charlotte decided to kill herself happened to be her mother’s birthday, and Mrs. Guy told about how the day started—she and her daughter spent the whole morning together celebrating and unwrapping gifts and gift cards.

As Mrs. Guy continued the story, she said that the in the evening Charlotte told her family that she has to visit a friend to pick some clothes up. But when an hour later she was still not back home, her parents went to that friend’s house; as it turned out, Charlotte did not go there at all that evening.
Meanwhile the girl’s ex-boyfriend had received a message from Charlotte, saying that she knew he hated her and that was enough for her; he sent her parents a photo of her present location, because he was quite worried. Mrs. Guy and her husband followed the directions which pointed out to the woods nearby and upon arriving on the spot they were met by the police, who had found her body. After an hour of trying to revive her and save her life, the hospital staff told them that she did not make it, and her mother just felt broken. As Mrs. Guy described it, her world was shattered to pieces.

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The reason behind Charlotte’s decision to take her own life was a Snapchat message that she sent to her boyfriend Jack by mistake, in which she admitted that she slept with another guy just days after they separated.

Knowing about her daughter’s mental issues, Debbie guy thinks that Charlotte only wanted the attention and likely thought that someone would find her before anything serious happened.


Debbie also considers the possibility that her daughter was not fully aware of how serious her actions were or what the potential consequences were.

As her mother says, Charlotte managed cope with her unfortunate mental struggles and lived an active and happy life. She had been very passionate about martial arts and kick boxing, and Mrs. Guy describes her as “one of a kind”.

She said that her daughter was one of those people that you felt great about being around, and that she always would cheer you up if you were down, making everyone else’s well-being a priority.
The mental problems, however, were a heavy burden, and Charlotte had actually attempted suicide twice before, and she did so by overdosing.

Now Mrs. Guy thinks that if there was a more developed mental help mechanism that would have a faster response rate, her daughter’s young life might have been saved.

Charlotte’s family often visits the place where she killed herself in order to say a prayer for her and to try and feel as if they are together. They also play Elvis Presley songs in their home, because he happened to be Charlotte’s favorite artist, and they also make a maximum effort to spend as much time together as they possibly can, discussing plans to commemorate Charlotte in the near future.

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Debbie Guy added that once they really process their loss as much as they possibly can, they intend to set up a campaign to raise awareness about changing the way that mental health services work—in order to save lives and hopefully prevent anyone else from losing their child.

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