Muscly Cambodian “Buff Superpigs” Went Viral After Farmers Posted These Disturbing Photos Online

The new viral trend is a pig farm in Cambodia. Lately they started to post photos of their pigs which are quite disturbing. It doesn’t matter if you like pork chops or not, these creatures look quite disturbing.

The photos and videos of them barely walking triggered a lot of people.

According to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) these pigs have modified genes. They stated that there is no such thing as a super muscle mutant pig in nature and the poor animals are just grown to be eaten.

According to a recent research the pork consumption is increasing every year. PETA reminded their followers of the weird cases in which chicken farms are growing genetically modified chickens in order to produce greater quantities of chicken breasts to the market. The environmentalist concluded that this is happening, because the chicken breast consumption is rising up every single year and the chicken breast is maybe one of the healthiest meat one can buy.

The pictures are showing the most buffest pigs EVER! Keep reading …

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We made a simple research and found out that in 2015 a team of scientists from South Korea managed to modify pig genes to start producing as twice as much muscles for a shorter period of time. They wanted to start growing pigs for human consumption and hoped that the “new” pigs will be approved by FDA, because they didn’t make any major modification of the animal genes. Their modification didn’t involve taking genes from one species and importing them into another. Anyway, their method was not approved, as well as any other, because genetically modified animals are not meant to be eaten.

According to another popular online theory the pigs were on steroids and injected with hormones, because not all of the animals on were that muscly. Anyway, using anabolic steroids on animals that are about to be eaten may damage your health. Despite the fact that the producers are using anabolic steroids and hormones in small amounts and various combinations, they can be found in the muscles, meat, liver etc. of the treated animal. So basically when someone is eating meat that was treated with steroids they are eating the steroids and for example even small amount of growth-promoting hormone can be fatal in some circumstances.

Editor’s note:

I am wondering how is this even allowed. It doesn’t really matter if the pigs are genetically altered of just injected with steroids and hormones. It does matter the fact that they do have muscles they do NOT need. In nature the pigs need to have elastic muscles (wild ones) in order to run fast. Muscles like that are not elastic in any way and can only make their life more miserable.

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