Neil Patrick Harris And His Family Just Unveiled Their 2017 Halloween Cosplay And It’s Even Better Than The Last Year

2013 – Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolfman and Dracula

Image Source: Twitter

Without any doubt, this is one of their best Halloween transformation so far. It’s hard to say which of them has the best costume, because they are all great. Dracula and Frankenstein are really creepy, but The Wolfman definitely seems more innocent than ever.
Their facial expressions and the perfect makeup are making the photo number one.

2014 – Gotham City Gang

Image Source: Instagram

Who are the villains and who are the heroes? Really? The children have to save the city from their parents! This performance is as “family goals”, isn’t it?

2015 – Star Wars

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Image Source: Instagram

Another creative idea is to transform as Star Wars characters. Harper and David seem exactly like Princess Leia and Han Solo. You can never say that under the Obi-Wan Kenobi appearance is Neal hiding and Luke Skywalker (Gideon) seems like a real fighter.

2016 – Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx and James Dean

Image Source: Instagram

And here are their costumes from the last Halloween. Аpart from the fact that they all look very stylish, they need to be admired again for the creative idea making a photo in a vintage-looking movie theatre.

2017 – American Horror Story and  Twisty The Clown

Image Source: Instagram

This year Neil’s Family cosplay got even better. This morning Neil posted a photo that shows him as a circus ringleader. His husband is playing Twisty The Clown and is holding creepy doll in his hand. Harper is playing bearded lady and Gideon is dressed like a strong man.

There is no doubt that they are top this year as well. Neil Patrick Harris and his family always surprises us with their creative Halloween cosplay.

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