13 Situations That Nobody Wants To Be Stuck In, For Sure

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One of the opportunities the internet offers you is to take a look at all the details and information people share about their lives. When you see the cool homes, the lavish trips and the shiny stuff, you would probably wonder how everyone else has it all figured out and you are stuck being more or less miserable. The good news is that most of these posts and photos are exaggerated or fake, or at least they represent only a small part of people’s lives. In reality the struggle is real for everyone, and each and every individual experiences situations that you would not want to be in. As you would have guessed, these situations are the last thing people would share, but some of them still do it, and this is why we have the chance to take a look.

The following list will convince you that no matter how bad of a day you are having, things could have been a lot more complicated, so sit back and enjoy seeing these situations without facing the actual consequences.

1. This Blood Moon photo is an epic fail

Image Source: Reddit

Well, we have seen a lot of awful photos, but this one tops most of them. The photo is not that bad, actually, but when you learn what it is supposed to show, then you realize that someone I very bad taking pictures. There surely must have been a way to snap the Blood Moon, but all the photo shows are clouds.

2. Nobody would like to see their house like that

Image Source: Reddit

This is as bad as it looks for sure! We couldn’t possibly imagine how the owners of this house must have felt when they saw what happened, but they were surely devastated. Someone probably made a huge mistake, and the massive crane collapsed towards the house on its right. However, judging from the angle in which the rig is positioned, things could have been even worse! We hope that nobody got hurt when this accident happened.

3. Making instant hot chocolate can get messy

Image Source: Reddit

The kitchen is a place where things can get really messy, and sometimes a five-minute job can cause an hour of cleaning. This dude probably regretted his decision to prepare himself a cup of hot chocolate, because this powder explosion caused the stuff to spread literally everywhere, and we know how the powder sticks to any surface. It is a pain to clean it and we are sorry for this dude.

4. There is nothing worse than this when you are in the middle of a project

Image Source: Reddit

Most of us have probably felt the frustration of having their phone or laptop shattered to bits. The feeling after you see the screen totally smashed is like someone robbed you of your personal possessions. This type of situations are even more devastating if you are in the middle of some important work and you desperately need your device in order to achieve your goals; when the accident happens, you feel absolutely hopeless for some time until you get over it and restore your data somehow.

5. This is the wrong way to make scrambled eggs

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another situation that we would not want to be in because it is the kind of mess nobody would like to clean up. Those of you who have already been in it know that egg cartons are rather fragile and it is very easy to fall apart or slip right out of your hands. This is why after you buy the eggs, you must immediately get rid of the carton and then you need to arrange them in the designated spaces in the fridge; it is worth the time to do it.

6. This woman has absolutely no clue what she just did

Image Source: Reddit

Would you go and tell her what happened or you would let he just sit there on the freshly painted bench? It is a hard decision, because she would be very frustrated to find out what she did. However, we must admit that the warning signs were hardly visible, especially in the bright sunlight, and when you are tired of walking and just want to sit somewhere for a couple of minutes to relax your feet, chances are that you would fail to notice them, too.

7. Here is how you can lose your document privacy in seconds

Image Source: Reddit

The fact that this file cabinet has a massive lock means that its contents were probably meant to be locked inside and kept hidden from everyone, but this would not be possible for some period of time, because the whole locking mechanism broke, and it this happened in the middle of the working day, there was nobody who would protect all the files inside. This type of office malfunctions are a common sight.

8. Here is one thing that needs to be working properly 24/7

Image Source: Reddit

What is the point of having an emergency system if you cannot use it in case of an actual emergency situation? This is more than absurd, and the ‘out of service’ sign looks ridiculous next to the ‘emergency’ label. These people need to pull themselves together and fix it, because it is a crucial feature and every possible type of help would be a appreciated in a critical situation.

9. There are extra additions in this lollipop

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this might actually be considered to be a delicacy in some parts of the world, but it is still gross to look at, not to mention actually eating it! The lollipop was probably stored somewhere out of a box or a container, and we all know how ants are attracted to sugar, so there is no surprise they found it. If you look closely, you will see that they are inside it, so it was probably a bit melted, too.

10. This is a kitchen nightmare

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine waking up to some noise coming from the kitchen, after which you get up and go check what happened, and you find this! We admit that we would probably sit there for half an hour, thinking about how was this possible in the first place. We guess that the reason for this insane mess was the quality of the cupboards or the fact that they were overfilled with stuff.

11. We thought this only happened in movies

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, it is no move; these bees are quite real and this little Fiat was literally taken over by them. This could be a huge problem, because there is no way of getting in that car without bees going inside as well. The odd part of this story is that is parked in an urban area, and it is rather strange why there are so many bees in one spot right in the middle of the street.

12. Would you believe that this is slice of pizza?

Image Source: Reddit

Well, no matter how you look at this, someone paid ten bucks for it, and we cannot believe that someone would be daring enough to serve this and call it a pizza. We consider pizza to be sacred and this is definitely not even close to pizza. When you see the toppings and the thickness of the dough, you will agree that nothing about this dish is worth $10. We hope this person got a full refund.

13. Nobody could make fun of this incident

Image Source: Instagram

This is the kind of incident where there is no room for laughs, because the danger was very big, and we could be in the exact same situation ourselves if we are not careful. Falling through that metal grate is definitely not a pleasant experience, not to mention that it could lead to serious injuries. We are glad that there were people there to help this girl, because she was obviously stuck after falling through.

14. These dog treats could scare all of your guests

Image Source: Instagram

Those of you who don’t have pets are not aware of this, but most dog owners know what the photo actually shows. It is nothing more than a doggy treat – a bone, actually, and some dog chewed the middle part of it, leaving the two ends which look like something entirely different. If you happened to have guests over for a friendly dinner, they might be actually scared when they see this, and you would be forced to do some explaining.

15. Nope, this is not icing

Image Source: Instagram

Most people would immediately recognize a tray full of melted fat when they see it, but judging by the fact that someone scooped a spoon full of it means that this person had quite the surprise. You can probably imagine how that must have tasted, and it was definitely not the most pleasant thing to put in your mouth. Mistakes like this one happen, but we have never seen someone mistaking fat for icing before. We guess it takes a special kind of person to do that, or that person was probably too hungry to notice what it really was.

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