North Carolina Man Allegedly Known For ‘Outing’ Drug Dealers Shot to Death on Facebook Live

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One Facebook user accidently broadcast the moment he was shot to death on Monday—he was streaming live on the social media site. Police were able to arrest a suspect not long after the crime was committed.

Prentis Robinson was just a 55-year-old man from Wingate, North Carolina, who wanted to make his neighborhood a better place for everyone.

Using a selfie stick, the man often made live reports in which he expressed his thoughts and shared them live with his followers on social media.

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On Monday, he tragically broadcast his own horrific murder.

Only a few minutes after he left the local police station, where he went to discuss details about a stolen phone, Prentis was walking about a block away from the police station while filming with his selfie stick. Somebody gunned him down.

The video, which was removed by Facebook, showed Prentis walking on the street; he is suddenly approached by a person who was outside of the camera’s range. The face of the other person could not be seen, and it was unclear exactly what they said to one another.

The only part of the conversation that could be understood was when Prentis said “You on live”.

The sound of four shots fired could be heard immediately after that; the sounds of the shots were then followed by the sounds of scuffling.

The video is rather disturbing, although it should be noted that only some parts of it were released. The fatal moment when Prentis was shot and killed could still be seen.

65-year-old Douglas Cleveland Colson is the main suspect at the moment. Colson made the decision to voluntarily turn himself in at the Union County Sheriff’s Office on the day after the murder.


Police said that Colson has a long criminal history and has been charged with murder.

Image Source: North Carolina Police Department

The motive for Prentis’ murder is still unclear, but reportedly Prentis used to report the suspected gang member – allegedly involved with addictive substances – to the police. It is possible that the victim was gunned down as revenge.

Donny Gay – the Wingate Police Chief – said that while the exact motive is still unclear, it appeared as if the murderer seemed to not care at all that his actions were shown live on Facebook, or even that he killed Prentis near the police station.

Chester Sanders, one of Prentis Robinson’s friends, thinks that the videos that the murdered man constantly made often highlighted the certain particular neighborhood problems, such as the activity of the local drug dealers. That decision likely upset some people.

He added that certain residents in the neighborhood did not like it and were angry about it, so tension built – so it would be a matter of time before something happened. Unfortunately, something tragic did.
Chester Sanders is unaware of the exact reason for the tragedy, but what matter most is that his friend is now gone.

In an earlier video, Prentis live-streamed again; he can be seen walking to the police station on Monday morning, talking about the unfortunate theft of his cell phone, and explaining how worried he was about the senior residents in the area. While waving to some of the cars that passed him and enjoying the sound of the birds in the trees, Prentis said that the elderly were afraid of certain things that were happening in the neighborhood.

That was the reason why he tried to keep the place peaceful and quiet.

Unfortunately, Prentis Robinson’s case is not the first of its kind. In fact, there has been more than one murder shown on video on Facebook. One of them happened last year and is particularly disturbing. 37-years-old Steve Stephens allegedly filmed himself live while driving around the streets of Cleveland in his car, saying that he was wanted to murder somebody. Just moments later, he did exactly that, shooting 74-years-old Robert Godwin Sr. and killing him instantly. The whole thing was captured on video and later uploaded on Stephens’ Facebook profile, although it was believed that he initially live-streamed everything. The video immediately became viral; some users, including Godwin’s family, had to ask others to stop sharing the horrific incident.

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