Nowadays Women Are Cheating On Their Husbands More Than Ever, Experts Claim

For a long time, cheating has been associated with men far more than with women. This, however, is beginning to change. With equality quickly becoming the topic of the decade, it seems women are beginning to open up about personal issues such as this.

Unfortunately, when asked such an uncomfortable question such as “Have you ever cheated on a significant other?”, people are often not quite honest, so please take the statistics shown here with a grain of salt. Self-reporting isn’t super reliable, so don’t take the numbers as solid. Sorry.

Psychoanalyst and writer, Esther Perel, reported that women who admit having committed adultery have increased by a whopping 40% since the 90’s. It’s even more surprising due to the fact that the number of men has practically stayed the same. What could be the reason?

There are several possibilities, one being that women have simply become more truthful and open about the topic due to their rise to equality in society.

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As the patriarchal ideas of the past centuries continue to crumble, so do women’s social confinements. One survey, conducted by Cosmopolitan, showed that almost half of all married women desire more sex in their lives.

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A deeper look into the survey revealed that a lot of the time, the reason for that is simply uncomfortable schedules, causing partners to be tired all the time or separated due to different shifts.
If a person cheats, that’s not necessarily due to unhappiness or a lack of love.

No matter the gender, many cheaters love their significant others and their families as a whole. According to sociologist Alicia Walker, a lot of the women she interviewed told her that their reason for cheating was in order to escape from the pressure and emotional labor of a marriage and a family. These women found one-time hook-ups to be far more casual and a great way to release some tension and change up their pace.

It’s not just that. Now that women have so much more freedom in the world, they can cheat with far less difficulty than before.

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They can go out easily and meet as many new people as their hearts desire. Their career opportunities are also broader, meaning that in case of a work affair gone wrong, it wouldn’t necessarily mean they’ll have a tough time acquiring a job somewhere else.

Social media also has a huge role to play here. Just one dating app can make all the difference.
For better or worse, this is happening and it’s happening now.


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