Official Chicken Nugget Tester Is A Real Job And You Can Apply For It

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There are a lot of strange ways to make a little extra money, and a lot of people are happy about that. The global economy is not as good as many of us would like, after all, and a job is a job.

Speaking of jobs that are a strange way to make extra money, you can now do so by tasting chicken nuggets, amongst other food items. Unless you don’t eat meat for personal or health-related reasons, it seems like a fun way to earn a bit of cash. Right?

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Believe it or not, in a certain sense of the word, the job is a truly legitimate one; the job comes courtesy of the retailer B&M—a large and fast-growing variety retailer in the United Kingdom that attracts millions of people to its shops.

The private company, which just happens to be listed on the London Stock Exchange, is considered one of the fastest growing in the United Kingdom; therefore, there is every reason to believe that its job offering is a legitimate one.

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As a food tester for the retailer, you won’t just be tasting chicken nuggets. You’ll also be tasting a wide variety of the frozen foods offered by B&M. It will also offer—for example—fries, fish fingers, and curries.

B&M is set to start selling fresh, frozen foods in certain stores throughout the UK next month. Up to this point, it has been known for selling things like home wares and food in a can.

The competition for the job could be pretty fierce. There aren’t multiple jobs available—just one—and the person who manages to snag the coveted position will be B&M’s official food taster for their fresh and frozen line.

If you’re interested in the job, don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll get rich off of the gig. You’ll basically be paid in vouchers for the retailer on a monthly basis, and then you can redeem the vouchers at one of B&M’s stores for the products it offers. The vouchers are worth 25 British Pounds, which is about 34 American dollars—at the time this article is being written.

Again, you’re not going to get rich doing this job. You will, however, be able to offer feedback to the retailer in regard to the range of products being offered, thereby (hopefully) improving it.

According to B&M, the person who snags the position will be “lucky”; I’m not so sure I agree, as he or she will probably be forced to eat way more than one should in any given day or week; the inevitable obesity and heart disease that will result aren’t exactly “lucky” consequences of a job. But still, if you shop at B&M a lot, you’ll save a bit of money.

The job, officially called Chicken Nugget Connoisseur, is also classified as a temporary job on the retailer’s website; therefore, if you attain the position, don’t give up your job search. Chicken nuggets and curries can only be tasted in a professional setting so many times, after all.


Apparently B&M also thinks that the job is like “good steak”, because the opportunity “is rare”. Also, they don’t think it should be “diced with”, which is sort of clever.

Also, based on the job description, it seems as if the aforementioned voucher is only good for the new line of fresh and frozen foods, which means whoever “gets the job” will be forced to spend it on food he or she will likely have grown sick of.

Don’t give up your day job for this opportunity is the point.

To their credit, B&M are actually (again, according to the job posting) being sort of selective when it comes to their ideal candidate. While there aren’t experience requirements, per se, there are certain characteristics they’re seeking in their future employee. They’re fairly specific requirements, too.

For example, you should probably be that guy or gal who is first in line when there is cake at the office. If you’re that person, you might actually be a bit of a jerk, but apparently that’s a characteristic desired by the retailer.

You might also be suited for the position if you go to parties because free food is being offered. Personally, I’m not sure why people go to parties if there isn’t free food, but maybe that is just me.

Another ideal characteristic is interesting: apparently, B&M is looking for the sort of person who will get the 20-piece box of chicken nuggets from McDonald’s and eat them all. Considering there are almost 1,000 calories in 20 nuggets, apparently the applicant will need to be able to consume a lot of calories in one sitting, or at least have no problem with doing so on a fairly regular basis, so therefore unafraid of heart disease.

I’m pretty sure that B&M was trying to be funny when it suggested that the ideal applicant would be able to conduct a PowerPoint presentation about why he or she prefers curly fries to chips, but I really can’t be sure. Wouldn’t it be strange if, during the application process, you were actually required to give one? It would be a great story to tell your friends, but how could you take that requirement seriously?

Finally, the company suggests—jokingly, I hope—that the ideal applicant would prefer possibly sustaining bodily harm via tripping at a buffet instead of losing a plate of food. That does not sound like an ideal applicant for any position to me. Anybody who would save a buffet plate before they saved themselves probably needs to seek professional mental health.

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