Pensioner Arrested For Fatal Stabbing Of Burglary Suspect Has Been Bailed

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After allegedly stabbing an armed burglar to death, a 78-year-old man was arrested. According to reports, he has now been bailed.

The neighbors of the pensioner have leapt to the man’s defense, stating that he should be “given a medal”—not charged with murder.

Even the British Professional boxer Tony Bellew—three-time ABA Heavyweight champion—has weighed in on the situation. He tweeted to his over 500,000 followers and slammed the justice system. He said that the 78-year-old pensioner deserves “a round of applause”.

The tweet received over 32,000 likes before it was reported that the pensioner was bailed until May. Further enquiries into the matter are purportedly pending.

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According to law enforcement, two men broke into the pensioner’s suburban home just after midnight. The man’s home is located in South East London.

The retiree, Richard Osborn-Brooks, was asleep in his home with his wife Maureen, who is 76 years old. He decided to confront the men who allegedly broke into his residence. One of the men purportedly got into a scuffle with Richard; as a result, that burglar suffered a stab wound to his upper body. The burglar was allegedly armed with a screwdriver.

Image Source: PA

The burglar, 38, would later collapse and then eventually die in the hospital.
Richard Osborn-Brooks was arrested due to suspicion of murder, but his neighbors are saying that the retiree was well within his rights.

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A friend of Richard’s, 61-year-old Tony Guest, used Facebook to comment on the situation. Tony thinks that Richard “deserves a medal”.

In his post, Tony Guest described the situation, mentioning that one of the burglars is still free and on the run; however, a 78-year-old man is the one who has been arrested. Obviously critical of British justice, he wondered where people’s protection is. He said that he simply can’t believe what happened and is in “total shock”.

Originally, Richard Osborn-Brooks was arrested on charges of grievous bodily harm; however, when the burglar perished in a central London hospital as a result of his injuries, he ended up being held for murder.

It is believed that the deceased burglar actually managed to escape with his accomplice, but ended up collapsing in a pool of blood on nearby pavement.

Another neighbor named Nick Myatt told the media that Richard Osborn-Brooks is a “lovely old man”. According to Myatt, Richard cares for wife, who may have dementia or be disabled. He said that Richard is a nice old man who is nice to talk to. He hopes the law “sees sense” and lets Richard go. Nick Myatt definitely does not think what happened is right.

Sylbourne Sydial, a member of the neighborhood watch, stated that a man should be allowed to defend his home. A home, he said, is a person’s castle—and a neighborhood is a person’s kingdom.

Another neighbor named Adam Lake was quick to defend Richard Osborn-Brooks, saying that the retiree does not deserve to be punished for self-defense. All of the neighbors to whom he has spoken agree that the main thing should be supporting
Richard after everything he has been through.
As Lake pointed out, he was just protecting himself.

Clem Williams, who has lived on the road for a couple of decades, also questioned the arrest of Richard. He agreed that the man had a right to defend his home and should be free.

Tory MP Priti Patel has weighed in on the situation, telling the media that there is a “gulf” in public confidence regarding the criminal justice system—it is, Patel said, an issue for everyone to get a grip of.

Patel said that Richard is clearly the victim of a horrible crime; the interests of the victims should be at the heart of the criminal justice system—not the interests of the offenders.

The second burglary suspect is still at large, and police are currently trying to locate him.

The deceased burglar has not been formally identified, but the man’s next of kin have been notified of his death. A post-mortem examination has been scheduled.

Richard Osborn-Brooks, a chess player who retired from management 26 years ago, suffered bruises on his arms as a result of the struggle with the burglars, but his wounds are not life threatening.

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