People are Posting Pics Of Their Irish Wolfhounds And It’s Amazing How Large They Are

Image Source: Reddit

If you love animals, chances are that you have heard about this breed before. The Irish Wolfhounds are exceptional! It is an amazing dog breed in a number of ways! They have a long history and everything about them is interesting – the way they look, their size and intellect, and their typical behavior, too! The list below is full of images that people shared of their Irish Wolfhounds. They are a pleasure to see and they also have the power to brighten everyone’s day!

1. Just look at these curious noses

Image Source: Majodian

These cuties are stacked up tightly and they want to see and hear everything!

2. Wayne’s World comes alive with these two

Image Source: Instagram

The resemblance between the show’s characters and this girl and her dog is uncanny!

3. This dog realized he is not going to the park

Image Source: Reddit

The face this cutie made says a thousand words!

4. Here is a nice swap

Image Source: Reddit

The smaller pooch is probably happy, which cannot be said about the big dog!

5. Someone shared an image of their grandma 45 years ago

Image Source: Reddit

The image is amazing and shows a gorgeous woman and her beautiful dog.

6. Size does not matter

Image Source: Instagram

These two buddies seem to have the same attitude despite the size difference.

7. This is Janine and she loves sleeping

Image Source: Reddit

She was able to fit in this chair in the most ridiculous of ways!

8. Here is a doggo carrier like no other

Image Source: Imgur

Dog pals seems to care for each other and this images shows just one of the ways!

9. Here is one more beautiful friendship

Image Source: Reddit

They might be different on the outside but they are both pups on the inside.

10. The Irish Wolfhound is bigger than the pony

Image Source: Reddit

This image gives an example about the dog’s size. They reach well over 32 inches in height!

11. Despite their name, they are sweethearts

Image Source: Instagram

This cute doggo carries its favorite plush toy in order to feel safe.

12. Here is another height comparison

Image Source: Imgur

The breed looks intimidating but they are not aggressive at all!

13. The kitten looks puzzled

Image Source: Reddit

The feline probably thought that it could fit inside the dog’s mouth with ease!

14. Chilling like a boss

Image Source: Imgur

It might appear to be an uncomfortable position but the doggo appears to be comfy.

15. Here is another gentle giant

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Image Source: Reddit

This huge dog is extremely careful with the small puppy proving how easy-going the breed is.

16. These two buddies look alike

Image Source: Shutterstock

The size of the dog is comparable to the donkey, which is amazing!

17. The breed has a sweet tooth

Image Source: Imgur

These mesmerizing creatures actually love peanut butter and you can see how they lined up!

18. A puppy in a giant body

Image Source: Instagram

After having breakfast and playing around, this big baby decided to have a nap.

19. The size means nothing when it is time to cuddle

Image Source: Imgur

You can see that lap dogs can be pretty big and this doggo definitely feels good!

20. Sleeping with an Irish Wolfhound requires a huge bed

Image Source: Reddit

You can see that once the dog is in the bed, there is hardly any room left.

21. This big fella was scared of the thunderstorm

Image Source: Imgur

Here is a dog that looks like nothing could scare it but that is just a deceiving impression!

22. This kitten probably feels safe

Image Source: Reddit

The kitty loves to sleep between her two dog siblings, each weighing close to two hundred pounds.

23. Meet Jazza and Gandalf

Image Source: 500px

When it is time for play, these two become literally unstoppable and they look really happy!

24. Britain’s smallest horse is smaller than the dog

Image Source: Rexfeatures

We guess that the image looks unreal but it is genuine and really cool, too!

25. The tail speaks of the size of the dog

Image Source: Imgur

Everything about the breed is huge and the length of tis tail proves it!

26. Riding shotgun

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that this gentle giant barely fits inside this Mazda roadster.

27. The vet’s office could not fit this cute doggo

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that the waiting room needs to be upgraded to bigger furniture.

28. This grandma loves her lap dog

Image Source: Imgur

Even considering the fact that the dog cannot fit in her lap, they are still really cute together.

29. This is how a deep state of sleep looks like

Image Source: Imgur

They joy of a quality afternoon nap is truly priceless!

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