People are Posting Pics Of Their Newfoundlands And It’s Amazing How Large They Are

Image Source: IMGUR

Whether you like dogs or not, the following list would definitely be your preferred choice when you seek amusement! Nobody could resist the charm of Newfoundlands! They are massive but they are also just as adorabe as tiny puppies are! The gentle giants are extremely intelligent and loyal, and their size is definitely something worth showing. This is the reason behind this list’s existence! Some of the biggest examples of the breed can reach a weight of more than 150 pounds and up to 30 inches of height! They are real snuggle bears!

1. This head comparison is a nice way to show how big these cuties are

Image Source: Reddit

It is a good thing that these beasts have kind hearts, otherwise they would be unstoppable!

2. This doggo is the same size as a pony

Image Source: Reddit

This is another good comparison that shows that an adult dog could reach the size of a real pony!

3. The eyes say it all

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that this doggo was more than hungry but as soon as you see these eyes, everything would be forgiven instantly.

4. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Image Source: Imgur

Newfoundlands are lovable creatures and they can have friends of all shapes and sizes! This image showed such a bond.

5. This giant is obviously not afraid of snow

Image Source: Reddit

Nature took care of the breed and the thick coat of fur they have is more than enough to make them feel comfortable during winter.

6. Even puppies are oversized for lap dogs

Image Source: Reddit

This toddler is hardly able to move a muscle, because the giant puppy shows no signs of getting out of his lap!

7. No, this is not Yeti

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this would make some people scared, but all this Newfoundland wanted was to have a snack, and we bet he did!

8. They really look like bears

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that hugging a Newfoundland is the closest possible experience to hugging a bear without the danger involved.

9. This cutie found a new toy

Image Source: Reddit

Given the size of the dog’s jaw, this tennis ball does not stand a chance at all! It would probably be crushed in a few minutes.

10. This dog knows how to pose

Image Source: Instagram

We think that some dogs know that they look good when they are photographed and the look in this dog’s eyes says it all!

11. This giant also thinks he is a lap dog

Image Source: Reddit

It looks like the owner of this dog has nothing against the fact that his Newfoundland wants to cuddle like a puppy.

12. Now this is a big dog

Image Source: Imgur

We are perfectly aware that these dogs can grow big but this one is definitely off the charts!

13. Here is one of the coolest hairdos ever

Image Source: Reddit

This guy got a full body trim, but the groomer decided to add some style and created this cool hairstyle!

14. Nobody could resist this face

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that a dog’s charm could be irresistable in some cases, and seeing this look on the dog’s face will make you unable to say ‘no’.

15. This does not appear to be comfortable

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that these dogs love snow so much that they would prefer to sleep on it instead of a patch of grass, for example.

16. This is how happiness looks like

Image Source: Imgur

Being able to feel the love of your dog is definitely one of the best things in the world!

17. These siblings demand something

Image Source: Imgur

These two cuties are kind of grumpy because they probably wanted something in particular!

18. It seems that even the biggest SUV could not fit a Newfoundland

Image Source: Imgur

You would need a really big car in order to be able to comfortably transport a Newfoundland!

19. This dog loves cuddles, too

Image Source: Instagram

We believe that when a dog this size wants to cuddle, you can hardly do anything about it! We wouldn’t mind it!

20. The sheer size of this dog is amazing

Image Source: Reddit

The more we look at this amazing breed, the more we want to have one! It would be a pleasure to hug this dog!

21. Here is a hungry pack of dogs

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that feeding six hungry dogs would be extremely difficult, because they eat a lot! We hope this person was prepared!

22. It must have been a rough night out

Image Source: Reddit

This dog was either tired of whatever happened the night before or it was just thirsty!

23. This pup does not enjoy being carried around

Image Source: Reddit

We genuinely believe that when a dog wants something, it will happen! This pup probably wanted to walk instead of being carried around.

24. The most important family member is in the middle

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that dogs know when you treat them like family and then they are happier, which is easy to tell!

25. Here is another cute bear that loves snuggling

Image Source: Instagram

Having a Newfoundland means that you have to be prepared to carry the dog every once in a while!

26. These BFFs look happy together

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is the kind of best friend everyone would like to have, including us!

27. It seems that someone is having a snack here

Image Source: Instagram

We can all get hungry in just a heartbeat and we start craving snacks. This doggo probably knew where the snacks were and the rest can be seen in this image.


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