Pet Owner Rams The Man Suspected Of Killing His Dog Into A Brick Wall With His Car

Image Source: Asia Wire

If you’re a pet owner, odds are that you love your animal companion like it is a member of your family. People will go out of the way for their pets, making many a sacrifice for the creature they’re brought into their homes and into their lives. Many people treat their pet as well as—or better than—their children.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with loving your pet, but people do tend to take affection towards animals to an extreme, which is exactly what happened in Yangzhou, a Chinese city located in the province of Jiangsu.

There was a man in Yangzhou accused of killing six dogs using poisonous darts. That man is now dead; he was slammed into a brick wall via a car driven by a man who believed the deceased was responsible for the death of his dog. To be more specific, the dead man was rammed into a pillar and went through the wall of a shop.

Image Source: Asia Wire

The man who killed the other man did have his reasons for suspecting the other one killed his dog; security footage did show a man on a scooter using a dart gun to shoot a dog; the canine killer then left the scene. The footage was posted online.

Apparently, the dying dog’s owner heard the cries and whimpers of his beloved pet and discovered that the poor canine was paralyzed. The owner chased the man on the scooter with his car, caught up with him, and slammed him into the pillar and through the aforementioned brick wall. He died at the scene of the crime, and the owner was apprehended and brought in for questioning.

One of the relatives of the deceased man defended her dead relative. She said that even if her relative was in the wrong, that didn’t give the furious dog owner the right to act as a judge, a jury, and an executioner.

Naturally, the family of the dog owner came to his defense, claiming that the owner merely got the pedals of his car confused; the family claims that the owner had no intention of killing the suspected killer of the dog.

The dog owner who killed the accused dog killer was charged with manslaughter and is currently awaiting trial.
Apparently, dog killing is a major issue in China. In December of 2017, several gang members were arrested because 200,000 poisonous darts were sold, and those darts may have been fired at dogs. Apparently dogs were being hunted on the streets, and then the meat was then sold to restaurants.

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Image Source: Asia Wire

Eight members of the gang were sent to prison. The aforementioned darts contained a muscle relaxant; not only was there enough of the relaxant to kill the canine victims immediately, there was a large enough dose present in the darts that those who would consume the dog meat could be harmed.

A cold storage facility near the lair of the gang contained a ton of dogs who had found themselves the unfortunate victims of the poisonous darts.

The trade of dog meat to restaurants is allegedly quite the organized and large scale operation in China; it has been estimated that roughly 20 million dogs are killed every year, and the effort to kill them is facilitated by crime. It is apparently a profitable endeavor.

The Humane Society International has weighed in on the issue, saying that the use of poison to kill dogs is cruel and results in beloved pets being killed. According to a representative from the organization, the animals “suffer enormously”.

It should be noted that the eating of dogs is sort of controversial in China, but it isn’t illegal; it isn’t even really taboo. In fact, there’s a dog-eating festival held every year in the city of Yulin, which is located in the province known as Guangxi. Eating canines, according to Yulin officials, is a local custom.

Pictures of the festival, held during the summer solstice, went viral this year. The pictures depicted dogs being treated very poorly and also being fried up as food. If you’re a dog lover, do yourself a favor and refrain from doing an internet search for the festival. Even if you’re not a dog lover, do yourself that favor.

The festival was apparently packed, but the majority of Chinese people rarely eat dog—if they do at all. If they do, it is generally by accident, probably because criminal gangs like the one described above are selling dog meat to their favorite restaurants.

It would be irresponsible to lead anyone to think that only Chinese eat dogs. It is well known that dog meat is consumed in parts of Korea, India, and Vietnam as well, and the meat is considered a normal part of daily cuisine in those places. In fact, it has been estimated that over 20 million dogs are eaten by humans every year.

In 2017, Taiwan was the first country in Asia to actually ban the consumption of dog meat.

Dogs and other pets were eaten during times of food shortages in Europe and North America, too, especially during war time.

Having read all of that, go give your dog a hug if you have one, and maybe give him or her a treat. If you don’t have a dog, there’s bound to be a cute puppy video on the internet you’d like to watch!

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