Police Is Looking For The Thief Who Broke Into An Adult Store And Stole $5000 Sex Doll


An adult shop in Melbourne, AU became a victim of a desperate thief, who stole “Dorothy”. Dorothy is a life-sized new generation pleasure adult doll with super realistic skin. The worth of the doll is about $5000 USD.

Around 6AM on Sunday morning a CCTV camera caught the thief breaking the glass and stealing the doll from the store.

Here is what actually happened:

Image Source: Victoria Police

He drove his van next to the store and grabbed a bolt cutters and fire extinguisher. He smashed the window, got into the store and stole “Dorothy”. After maybe 30-40 second he was already out with the doll in his hands, rushed into the van and went in unknown direction. He definitely looks like he have an experience in such things or maybe he was just in hurry to try it.

Image Source: Screenshot Channel 7

Unfortunately he wore a dark jumper with a red stripe, dark shoes and dark pants, so he can’t be easily identified. He may be looking kind of happy now.


It is unknown if he stole the doll in order to sell it or just for personal use. Either way if you have any information you can contact Crime Stoppers on +61 1800 333 000.

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Editor’s note:

According to IBISWORLD the adult store industry is worth about $9 Billion and this is the main reason why there are new “things” every single day. This man should be really desperate for stealing such a doll or maybe he is just too smart, because at first thought everybody would underestimate the value of such doll. Actually this one is pretty expensive and if I think about it if he gets caught he’s just going to say that he had an urge to use it and this is the main reason that he stole it. Well, it doesn’t really matter if he stole it for personal use or to sell it. Still, if you have any information please call Crime Stoppers.


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