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Researchers Discovered The Reason For Remembering Dreams And Why Some People Can’t

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Recently, French researchers discovered how we actually process and save the information of our most interesting dreams while sound asleep. The team of scientists claim they have identified two distinct types of dreamers – high dream recallers and low dream recallers.

The team used Positron Emission Tomography (PET scans) and was able to identify a specific region in the brain which was responsible for the memorization of dreams. It’s called temporo-parietal junction or TPJ.

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This region was highly active in the “high dream recallers” than the “low dream recallers”. The participants were scanned both during sleep and full wakefulness.  The TPJ helps people better encode the information contained in their dreams during very short periods of wakefulness during the night. In “low dream recallers” this ability is very weak or non-existent at all. The team’s final conclusions were that people who have the ability to remember their dreams also produce much more of them while they sleep compared to the ones who don’t.

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