RIP iTunes: Apple ‘Is Shutting Down iTunes’

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It has been reported that the technology company Apple might get rid of iTunes next year. Industry insiders are saying that the company plans to do so in order to build a service that resembles Spotify, which streams music, video, and podcasts.

It has been suggested that Apple will eliminate iTunes downloads at the end of March of 2019.
So far, Apple has denied claims that it plans to eliminate iTunes; however, the company said last month that it will no longer take LP submissions from bands.

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As a result of that move, many are thinking that iTunes will eventually fade away and no longer be supported by the company.

However, even if that does happen, the good news is that songs and albums bought via iTunes will likely still be playable on Apple devices and using iTunes.

According to a leaked email from an anonymous source, throughout the rest of 2018 existing LPs will be deprecated; however, customers who have already bought albums with an iTunes LP will have access to that content via iTunes Match.

That source said it is clear that streaming is the future; Apple, the source says, wants to push people to subscribe to a service.

Nothing is certain at the moment, but the idea that iTunes is more or less going away certainly seems plausible.

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In other Apple-related news, there are reports of a new and exciting feature on upcoming iPhone models. While there have been numerous changes to the iPhone since the first model was released over a decade ago, the overall look of the device has not changed much since 2007. There have been various colors and sizes, but it has always been a rectangle.

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Apple intends to release a model of iPhone that can be folded. According to the network CNBC, Apple is working with Asian partners to create the iPhone, and it could be released within two years.

Wamsi Mohan, senior equity research analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, reportedly met with various Apple suppliers in Asia.

Wasmi gave a message to clients, saying that he expects this fall’s iPhones to be “largely unchanged” in terms of the OLED versions. There may be size changes.

However, Wasmi said, research suggests that Apple is working on a foldable device—one that could also function as a tablet—that will be launched in the year 2020.

To those who follow technology developments, the idea of a foldable phone should not come as a surprise.

Apple was awarded a patent for a phone that could fold last year. The phone would have a “flexible display”.

According to the website Mashable, the patent explained that the foldable phone could be formed from an amorphous metal or shape memory alloy; there may be openings in it in order to facilitate the bending of the device.

So iTunes may be going away, but soon enough we will have an iPhone that will also function as a tablet and will be even more practical to carry around.

Apple may be a cutting edge company, but it has actually been around since April of 1976. It was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, as well as Ronald Wayne. It ended up going public in 1980 and was very successful at selling computers. Problems resulted because of the high price of the company’s offerings, and limited software did not help the matter. Jobs would go on to resign from Apple and create another company.

The market for personal computers increased, and sales of Apple computers diminished because of competition from lower-priced products. Jobs would end up rejoining Apple in the late 1990’s as the CEO. Apple Stores started opening in 2001, software companies were acquired, and the company became profitable again. In 2007, the company shifted its focus towards consumer electronics, including the very successful iPhone. Jobs announced the phone in 2007. He resigned as CEO in 2011 due to health problems, and he would die a couple of months later.

Revenue-wise, Apple is the world’s largest IT company, and it is also the second largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world. It employs over 120,000 people, and there are about 500 Apple retail stores worldwide. More than one billion Apple products are actively in use.

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