Professional Russian Building Climber’s Body Found Dangling From A Building

Image Source: The Siberian Times

When you open your favorite news website or the morning newspaper with your first cup of coffee for the day, you simply cannot miss the crime chronicles – articles about assassinations and all kinds of accidents are likely to flood from all over. Of course, nobody wants to start the day with such news and most of us simply skip the unpleasant headlines, but sometimes there are peculiar cases. The tragic death of a human being will never be something good, but the circumstances are often strange and sometimes curious. The following case is something that you do not see every day, but we all know that virtually anything is possible in Russia. So, brace yourselves – there is some graphic content to be aware of, too, and some of you may find it disturbing.

Image Source: The SIberian Times

Yevgeny Tikhonov used to be a well-known Russian climber who specialized in industrial climbing. He often went to the top of some of the highest buildings for maintenance and repair. Sadly and shockingly, Tikhonov was found frozen to death, with his body hanging off the roof of a student dormitory heavily covered with snow. As of yet, nobody has the slightest idea of how the young adrenaline junkie ended up hanging there or how exactly he died. One thing is for sure – there is no evidence or clues that he might have died by suicide and police will not investigate this possibility.

Image Source: The Siberian Times

When Tikhonov’s body was found, his head was completely covered with ice and snow and icicles were accumulated on his feet. It must have been a rather unusual site and a very chilling one, too.

The body of the climber was hanging about 40 feet above ground level when a little girl saw it and immediately notified the police. The incident happened in the town of Anzhero-Sudzhensk, a small community located about 65 miles north from the city of Kemerovo in Siberia.

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Another strange thing that does not fit the whole picture is the fact that his body looked like it was exposed to the severe outdoor conditions for a long time, but a few local reports claim that Tikhonov died no more than a couple of hours before he was found. The night before his death was a particularly cold one with temperatures dropping to a freezing minus 27C. The weather conditions in this part of Russia are severe, and especially during the winter season, it becomes a really tough place to live. Keeping this fact in mind, you could imagine how hard Tikhonov’s every day job was and the efforts he took to be able to complete his tasks. However, the obstacles he faced surely made him great at what he did, and this fact makes the way he died even stranger, because nobody would have guessed that he could lose his life in such a way.

Image Source: The Siberian Times

The young man had climbed a lot of tall and dangerous buildings in his career and was notorious for his fearless approach. He has participated in repair activities on many high-rise structures before and his profile in one of the social media platforms contains a lot of photos of him during work and many of them seem to be much higher and more dangerous than the building his body was found dangling from.

Tikhonov lived in Anzhero-Sudzhensk and worked mainly in the same area. He had a girlfriend in town. The devastated woman described how much her boyfriend loved his work as a professional industrial climber, and said that he had a sense of humor, often saying that he liked what he did so much that the only time he spent down on the ground was to get some sleep and rest.

Image Source: The Siberian Times

Not long after the body of the climber was found, the Russian National Guard and an investigation team arrived at the scene, along with rescuers and the police forces. The investigators conducted an inquiry and are working in cooperation with the locals to try and find out what happened exactly and how did Tikhonov lose his life on that particular spot, and in such a peculiar way. This is one exceptionally curious case and we would like to know what happened to the poor man.

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