Skier Missing From NY Resort Found Six Days Later In California With Goggles Still On

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The following story is a rather odd one; regardless of whether or not you believe in alien abductions and/or teleportation—or even if you are just skeptical—it all still sounds pretty incredible.

Reportedly a man who was missing for days after disappearing from New York was found in California—nearly 3,000 miles away. 49-years-old Constantinos “Danny” Filippidis was still in his ski gear—the clothes, the helmet, the ski mask, and the goggles; one of the theories regarding how this happened is that he may have been abducted by aliens.

Danny, who is currently living in Toronto with his family, visited the Whiteface Mountain ski resort, from which he suddenly disappeared last Wednesday. Soon, his friends reported they were unable to find him anywhere.

Danny, who is a married man and a father of two kids, works as a firefighter and was enjoying his ski vacation with some colleagues and friends. At one point, he was nowhere to be found, and the facilities up in the mountain were just closing. There was literally no trace of him, but his identification and other belongings were in his cabin. Also, his car was still parked outside.

A huge search party was engaged, and hundreds of people volunteered. Rescue dogs were included in the search; helicopters were constantly observing the rough terrain. Danny’s family and friends feared that he may have lost his life due to the conditions outside and the low temperatures.

It is safe to say that nobody had imagined that six days after his disappearance he would end up in California—exactly 2,824 miles from the ski resort—and not being able to tell anyone how he got there or why was he still in the same outfit as the moment he went missing.

Danny appeared to be in good health, and his exact location was revealed after he called his wife—she immediately notified the police.

The details and circumstances about how he was able to unexpectedly show up nearly 3,000 miles away from his original location are a mystery, which naturally offered food for thought to many fans of conspiracy theories, which claim that he was most likely abducted by some alien life forms—or possibly teleported.

One YouTube conspiracy theory channel named Secureteam10 uploaded a video about the mysterious skier, referring to a similar case—the one involving Travis Walton, who is one of the most famous “alien abduction victims”.

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Travis Walton was a logger in Arizona. During just another working day in November 1975, he simply vanished without a trace and was missing for five days just after a strange UFO sighting occurred there.

It is all very strange regarding how this married man could disappear from the face of the Earth and appear several days later all the way in California.

Fellow firefighters later said that their friend was alone when he was found, and he could not answer how he managed to get to California.

Danny had no records suggesting he may have some kind of mental issues, and he had never abused any kind of addictive substances in his life. He was very confused and struggled to give a direct answer to anything, or at least give a meaningful answer to the questions posed; one of the things that he could remember was that he was sitting in the cargo area of a truck prior to his arrival in Sacramento, and that’s the way he purportedly got to the city.

He decided to buy an iPhone, and he called his wife, after which he went to a barber to give him a haircut. Danny says that he probably suffered some kind of a head injury, and he could remember very little. The police are now spreading his picture around in the hope that someone might be able to recognize him and solve at least a part of the mystery about his sudden appearance nearly 3,000 miles away from the place he vanished, because Danny appears to be completely unaware of how or when exactly he ended up there; however, he wants to know what happened during the past six days of his life, and all the people involved in his search are probably interested as well.

The authorities deny speaking in regard to any other details about the case as there is an ongoing investigation. The cost of the search organization is unknown, but it must have cost a fortune. More than 140 people and specialized equipment were involved.

Meanwhile, more and more people on YouTube are growing skeptical about the whole story, and we guess that we will just have to wait and see what the truth behind the mystery is.

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