Some Ridiculous Animal Myths You Didn't Know


1. If you touch a baby bird, the mother will abandon it. That’s not true. Birds use their ears and eyes rather than their noses, so they won’t smell the human on their baby.

2. If you cut an earthworm in two halves, you’ll get two worms. False. Earthworms are able to regenerate, but they only grow a replacement of the cut off part.

3. Mice eat cheese and rabbits love carrots. Bugs Bunny taught us that rabbits only eat carrots, but they also eat many other things. And the myth about the cheese probably comes from the fact that in medieval times they couldn’t find anything else to eat.


4. Camels use their humps to store water. They store fat which provides them with energy. Food and water are both short in the desert.

5. The red color enrages bulls. Actually their rage is provoked by the person who’s moving in front of them, not by his red clothes or the red cloth he’s waving.


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