Did You Know That Steve Irwin's Last Words Were "Don't Worry, The Stingrays Don't …


Steve Irwin was an extremely famous Australian TV presenter, a host and creator of the documentary series ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ as well as the owner of the Queensland’s zoo. In September, 2006 Irwin was snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef filming takes for his show, when he suffered a fatal puncture in the chest caused by a stingray. According to the medical report Irwin has suffered a significant blood damage, internal injuries and blood vessels rupture, though it was  speculated that the main reason for his dead had been a cardiac arrest.



As it all happened while filming for the show, the accident had been recorded on tape, a copy of which was later confiscated by the police. Recognizing the stingray’s awkward behavior, Irwin said “don’t worry, they (the stingrays) don’t usually swim backwards” and these were his last words. Ironically, the footage shows the stingray actually swimming backwards.


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