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There’s something great about being able to go into Subway on your lunch break, and choose what baguette or ‘sub’ you are going to have for that day. A healthy form of fast food which is perfect for those quick lunch time breaks! If you get a bit hungry, then you might order a foot-long subway! However, it might not actually be that long!

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

After Subway have been caught up in claims about the actual size of this baguette, it’s now been officially revealed that this is only a trademark, and although is meant to signify the length of the baguette, does not guarantee it will be a foot long.

They say that the sub sold across the world is not meant to indicate its length, as this cannot be assured across all their stores, and so the length may slightly vary to the 12 inches which we’ve all been led to believe, how long it’d be.

This all came about after Matt Corby, a customer of Subway posted a picture of an 11 inch foot long sub on Facebook, asking for a response from the company. Before Subway could even respond, the picture was shared thousands of times, which meant that other customers were understandably upset about this revelation.


However, Subway did say that this 11 inch sub was unacceptable by their standards, and it should not have been sold.

We are committed to providing a consistent product delivering the same amount of bread to the customer with every order. The length however may vary slightly when not baked to our exact specifications. We are reinforcing our policies and procedures in an effort to ensure our offerings are always consistent no matter which Subway restaurant you visit.

Despite saying it’s only the trademark, a representative has assured us that their staff will still aim to make each foot long sub, a foot long.


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