Teacher, 27, Arrested for ‘Having Intercourse With 13-year-old Pupil’

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On the 22nd of March, a female teacher was arrested for sexual misconduct; she allegedly had intercourse with a student—who was 13 years old.

The teacher in question is named Brittany Zamora, and she is 27-years-old; she was a sixth grade teacher. She worked at the Las Brisas Academy, which is located in Goodyear, Arizona.

She is being investigated by law enforcement because her male student’s mother saw explicit messages on her son’s phone and then contacted school authorities.

According to police officials, the text messages exchanged between Brittany and the student are indicative of a sexual relationship—one that allegedly took place both on the school’s campus and off of it.

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The school district released a statement to local media after the arrest. According to the statement, late in the evening on March 21, a parent at the academy reported an allegation that involved a student and teacher. The district immediately contacted law enforcement.

The investigation—according to the statement—is still in its preliminary stages. Everyone will be updated as more information becomes available.

The statement also said that the district is not allowed to comment on employee issues due to employee privacy law; however, corrective steps were taken in order to separate the students and the staff member in question, and the Goodyear Police Department was contacted.

The statement concluded by saying that the school district’s top priority is the safety of the students.

Transparency is also important. The district will, it stated, be working with the police department and will not comment further.

The news of the alleged affair has come as a surprise to those who know Brittany Zamora. She has been married for three years to her high school sweetheart Daniel, who she has known since the age of 16.

A family friend of Brittany defended her. Chris, the friend, said the whole thing is “utterly ridiculous”. In his mind, making such accusations against his friend would be like making similar allegations against Mother Teresa or the Dalai Lama.

He believes that Brittany’s name will cleared once investigators get to the bottom of whatever the situation is about.

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Brittany does not have any children.

Jennifer Qualls, Brittany Zamora’s neighbor, said that she couldn’t believe the allegations, but did add that she finds the claims made horrifying.

Image Source: Liberty Elementary School District

Jennifer Qualls said that when your kid is getting close to a teacher, you think that it is just a student/teacher relationship—so nothing that should be worried about. You hear about the alleged relationship between Brittany Zamora and her student and you realize you should have worried more.

According to a spokesperson for the Goodyear Police Department—Lisa Kutis—concerns exist that Brittany had relations with more than one student.

Lisa Kutis stated that the aforementioned concern is part of the overall investigation and is not being ruled out.

She added that the safety lesson to be taken away from the situation is that parents need to stay aware of what their children are doing with social media and their phones—and also be aware of who they are in contact with.

The spokesperson confirmed that the allegations against Brittany Zamora were brought to the attention of the school’s principal by a student’s mother. That mother found text messages between Brittany and the student that indicated they were engaging in sexual activity both off and on-campus.

Brittany Zamora is facing several charges; they include nine counts of sexual conduct with a minor, two counts of molestation, and also furnishing harmful material.

There have been a lot of reports lately regarding female teachers engaging in intimate relations with younger male students, and teacher-student relationships have been a problem for years. According to the United States.

Department of Education, back in 2004 almost 10 percent of high school students had experienced some sort of form of educator sexual misconduct during the course of their school career. The majority of offenders were men; several studies were done, however, and while the percentage of female offenders varied considerably from study to study, it was made clear that female educators had committed a significant number of crimes and could therefore pose a risk to their students.

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