Teenager sues his parents for $250,000 for naming him Gaylord PROVEN FAKE


One of the latest trending articles about a teenager suing his parents for naming him Gaylord Williams was proven fake. Apparently someone used the website where anyone can post a story to write a story about a boy who is filling lawsuit against his parents for naming him Gaylord.

Here is what the original story stated:

The 17-year-old teenager from Kirksville, Missouri takes a civil lawsuit against his parents Carrol and Dave Williams for the name they’ve given him as a child – Gaylord, which brought him a lot of mockeries and serious harassment.

According to Gaylord, his parents intentionally named him in this humiliating way to make his life miserable. This is the reason he is actually suing them for.

In front of the Adair County Circuit Court, the boy allocuted that he was turned into a scapegoad deliberately by his parents, who named him so humuliatingly because he was an unwanted child. He said he had heard many times words like “you are an accident, you ruined our lives” from his parents. His father, when he was drunk even allowed himself to admit that they had named him intentionally with this prejudicial name in an attempt to ruin his life.

Endured on many mockeries, the 17-year-old boy also said that their “plan” definitely worked and he had lived a miserable, harassing childhood. Besides the psychological bullying he was subjected to, the teenager was physically attacked several times, 2 of whom had even had to be hospitalized.

Several times he asked his parents for consent for changing his name, but they refused every time, so he says he can’t wait until adulthood to do this without their permission. He finally decides to face them and take a financial claim that will compensate to some extent for his miserable childhood.

Categorically denying theirs claims, Carol and Dave Williams say they named him Geylord just because they like this name.


In America, every year, dozens of young people file a civil claim against their parents for various reasons. Most of these claims are from children with birth defects and are cased like “wrongful birth lawsuits”.

Formal studies indicate that this is the first case brought against parents by a child because of the way he is named.

The hearings of this case are going to begin in October.

The fact was proven to be fake by HOAX ALERT. They stated that the story was first published on a website named World News Daily Report, but here is the catch. If you read the terms&conds of the website carefully you will see that all news there are fake and just for fun.

Actually the guy from the picture is a British Teenager named Sean Cooke who sued his soccer club and lost.

Unfortunately a lot of people believed that this is real liked and shared the post. Here is what people on social media think about it.

So guy please beware and trust only proven sources of information!


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