That A Police Officer Split A Winning Lottery Ticket Instead Of A Tip With A Waitress


Amazing things do happen. Back in 1984 a police detective named Robert Cunningham from Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. did something that might be considered extraordinary by many. Cunningham had been a regular at a local restaurant for years and was good friends with Phyllis Penzo, a waitress who had worked there most of her life. One time Cunningham spontaneously decided to offer Penzo a deal instead of a tip. He had a lottery ticket and promised he would split the money,  if any, with Penzo. The waitress was shocked, to say the least, when Cunningham called her one morning and told her that he had actually won $6 million, 3 of which he was giving to her as promised.

If this story sounds like a movie plot to you is because it is: the 1994 “It Could Happen To You” starring Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda. However, the inspiration behind it was the real live story of the honest policeman who wasn’t tempted to forget his promise and kept his word by sharing his winnings with the waitress. Sometimes real live stories are even better and more heart warming than movies.


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