The British Agency MI5 Won’t Hire Agents With Tattoos Because They Can’t Blend In With The Crowd

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MI5, the British intelligence agency which operates against espionage and terrorism, recently opened job applications for future agents. According to one of the job listings, candidates must not have any visible tattoos on their body.

The job description states that any visible tattoos displayed on the candidate’s forearms, hands, neck and face could be the reason for his/her rejection. The agency is also seeking candidates with average and below average height, meaning the male candidates shouldn’t be taller than 6’1’’ (186 cm) and the female ones shouldn’t be taller than 5’8’’ (172 cm). The most suitable candidates for the job openings should also possess excellent vision and hearing, good communication and driving skills, be extremely patient and be able to read a map and a compass.

MI5 is hoping to find potential agents who can blend in with the crowd and won’t look suspicious or be easily recognizable, since it could jeopardize their assignments. According to the new “job openings” for the position “mobile surveillance agent” posted on their official website the starting salary will be $36,086 USD raising to $41,071 USD after the successful 70 day training course. The main responsibility of such agent will be to follow subjects who have been identified as a potential threat by the agency.

James Bond and tattoos. 

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When Sean Connery played James Bond in several movies during the 1960s and in a remake from 1983 he already had several tattoos. In order to portray the famous agent 007, Connery had to cover up one of his tattoos for his MI6 assignment. However, the real life MI5 prefers their agents inkless so that they won’t have to cover up their tattoos on regular basis.

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