The Deadliest Sniper EVER Is “The White Death” – A Five-foot Finnish Farmer

Image Source: Finnish Military Archives

We all know stories about unstoppable armies or soldiers with a superhero status, who cannot be killed and survive through the most incredible situations. Probably most of those stories are just legends or heavily exaggerated facts, but sometimes things are as real as can be. And in this story we are not going to describe a lucky guy who managed to comfortably hit one mark after another, sitting somewhere safe, or just some lucky soul, happy to be alive to tell the tale.

When you mention the world’s deadliest sniper shooter, you probably would picture the image of the typical macho-man, but you are in for a surprise, because thing do not have to be of a certain shape and size to function at their best, but then again, neither do people.

Image Source: Finnish Military Archives

Simo Häyhä was a man that did not look like a lethal machine, not even close. He was just about five-foot tall and almost always had e wide grin on his face. Seems like this worked for him well, because it not necessarily bad to be underestimated. In fact, Simo is just as lethal as he does not look to be. Born in the village of Rautjärvi in the southern part of Finland, Simo used to be a farmer, but eventually he had exactly 505 confirmed sniper assassinations on his account while fighting for his country against the armed forces of the Soviet Union in the course of the somehow forgotten Winter War, which continued began when the Soviets invaded Finland on 30th November 1939, which is approximately three months after the World War II started, and the end was marked when the Moscow Peace Treaty was signed on 13th March 1940.


Simo Häyhä, who has passed away fifteen years ago at the respectful age of 96, had a crucial role in this war conflict, in which close to 26.000 Finns died while protecting their country and especially their independence against the troops of the Soviet Union, whose casualty count was much higher – almost 127.000 Soviet soldiers lost their lives then. The conflict itself did not continue long, but as mentioned above, a lot of casualties were given.


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