The Guy With ‘DEVEST8’ Tattoo On His Face Got A New Job Thanks To Social Media

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Remember a while ago when we were introduced to the teenaged convict with the word ‘DEVEST8’ tatted across the bottom half of his face? He finally found a job!

Mark Cropp is inked from ear to ear with the tattoo he got in prison from his very own brother.

They were cell mates, and plastered from home brewed liquor when the tattoo came into fruition. It was a decision he later regretted when he was trying to look for work.

After he was set free, he tried in earnest to find a job, but nobody wanted to hire him after seeing his facial art.

He took to social media to beg for work. He lamented about the fact that his choice to have DEVEST8 put his on his face permanently was keeping him from earning a living.

He had just come me out of prison after serving a two year sentence for aggravated robbery. He brandished a knife during a fabricated drug deal, and had paid his debt to society.

Mark is now 19, and finally found a job. He’s a traffic coordinator in his native New Zealand.

Despite his criminal background, people around the world showed their sympathy and he received job offers from many different places. One tattoo artist even offered to remove his DEVEST8 tattoo free of charge.

He went to one session to start having the tattoo removed, but didn’t return out of concern that he would scar his skin permanently.

Even though the tattoo has brought him troubles and grief, he is also somewhat attached to it. It has given him a few opportunities as well. He got to shoot money into a crowd of club goers last year.

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Image Source: Caters

Cropp says the face tattoo has sentimental value, as his brother was the one to give it to him. That was another reason that he decided to not have it removed.

His mother has expressed how proud she is of her son for finding work and letting the haters know he’s not a bad person.

This comes after a picture popped up online of him hard at work, holding his walkie talkie and sporting his orange safety vest.

He actually has been quoted as saying that he turned down over 45 different job offers between his viral video and the beginning of his new gig.

Of course, that’s because his video was seen worldwide, and he isn’t willing to relocate out side of Mew Zealand. He was grateful for the offers, they just were not feasible.

He had a different job last year, working with a construction company in Kingsland, but it fell through. Hopefully he will be happy at his new job for a long time.

The young father now has the means to take care of his himself and his child, a daughter.

Although he did have the support of millions around the globe, there were the negative people as well.

Many accused him of wanting a handout. Others were incensed that he turned down any job offers, thinking he should relocate anywhere in the world if he wanted a job that badly.

Some complained about the fact that he’s a criminal, saying it wasn’t fair that he had so much support when they were law abiding citizens without face tattoos who struggled to find work as well.

I guess it all comes down to those who believe in second chances and not holding someone’s past decisions against them, and those who don’t.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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