The Latest Online Trend: Halo Eyebrows

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If you haven’t heard about so-called “Halo Brows”, the new trend involves drawing shapes on your face and then connecting those shapes to your eyebrows. You then name them #[whatever] brows.

Making shapes with your eyebrows certainly makes a statement, and it is a way to stay relevant and interesting in the competitive world of blogging.

Hannah Lyne, a beauty blogger, allegedly created this new trend and discussed it using the social media platform Instagram.

The blogger also invented something called the “triple brow”, as she seems to believe that people need more than one eyebrow on each side of the face.

Bloggers are creative people, and they seem to be inventing new eyebrow-related alterations all of the time. For example, there were Christmas 2017 brow modifications. Eyebrows were made into Christmas trees.

Last year, there were also eyebrows that looked like the well-known “Nike swoosh”.

A makeup artist named Huda Kattan, who is followed on Instagram by roughly 22 million people, showed off her modified brows on social media.

Huda wrote words of encouragement to her followers, suggesting that they start their own makeup pages if it has been something they’ve been wanting to do—even if those followers do so just for fun.

As she put it, it can be an intimidating experience; however, she’s really glad that she decided to start her own. She added that people don’t really need “anything” to start one—you don’t even need makeup or a camera or a lot of skill.

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La nueva moda #nikeeyebrows #nomames

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At this point, you sort of have to wonder what might come next. Well, if you’re familiar at all with the fast food chain McDonald’s, you’re also familiar with the chain’s golden arches. People are now drawing on eyebrows to resemble said arches, and they’re even coloring their arches yellow. Apparently McDonald’s is even more popular than we thought—it has become a trend.

If a reader wants to be a part of the trend, you really just need powder, concealer, and the ability to paint on fake brows. Paint them on as high as possible to make them appear like the arches.

Obviously, it isn’t at all abnormal to modify one’s eyebrows via plucking, makeup, tweezing, trimming, and such. There are also cosmetic surgeries out there that will raise one’s eyebrows, generally done in order to create a more youthful or feminine look.

However, in the interest of being responsible, we should point out that eyebrows actually do serve an important purpose. They prevent things like water, sweat, and debris from getting into your eyes. They are also sort of important in the sense they aid communication and assist in facial expression—helping you express things like surprise and anger.
Considering a significant number of people actually suffer from a disease that makes them unable to grow eyebrows, it is probably advisable to treat your eyebrows right.

Also, according to a study, eyebrows may actually aid one in identifying other people.

No one should really be surprised that people are modifying their eyebrows; body modification—in general—has existed since ancient times. Even piercing one’s ears—a very common and acceptable practice—could be considered a form of body modification. Other common forms of body modification include body piercings, breast implants, and tattoos.

There are other less popular forms of body modifications, such as ear shaping. This can be done via cropping as well as the amputation of certain parts of the ear. The different methods can be combined to achieve the desired look.

Pointing is a relatively common form of ear shaping. Apparently, there are people out there who genuinely want to look like elves—or even Star Trek Vulcans.

Another interesting form of body medication is the sharpening of teeth. This is often done in order to look more like an animal. Tooth sharpening has a long history and has been practiced by many cultures. There are a number of tribes in Africa who have engaged in the practice, for example, and it is believed the practice was once popular in certain parts of Mexico.

Body modification is clearly here to stay, but only time will tell if the whole “Halo Brow” thing will continue. By 2019, there’s the chance it could be a thing of the past.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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