The most expensive and luxurious ice cubes on the planet cost $380 per package

Have you ever wondered why ice cubes vary in shape, texture and color when you see in them in your local pub, in a luxurious restaurant or just in your freezer? You probably haven’t, but Glace Luxury Ice Co. knows the answer.

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The company is responsible for producing the most luxurious and pricy ice cubes on the planet. The brand offers pure, sanitary, tasteless ice cubes, which come in “elegantly designed” forms and re-sealable packages. Each package consists of 50 ice cubes, which come in either the traditional shape or as “revolutionary” spheres. The packages are worth £250 (nearly $380 in USD) each, which means that each ice cube is worth £5. The company claims that their products aren’t made with impure tap water, which contaminates the ice, and they state that their flavorless cubes allow the consumer to fully enjoy their top-shelf alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) drink. However, Glace Luxury Ice Co. doesn’t reveal the origin of their products, even though they claim each ice cube is hand crafted. Internet users have already expressed their opinion on the pricy product – most of them believe the company is a bigger scam than the ones producing bottled water.
Would you pay 8 bucks for a single ice cube or would you prefer to stick with your good old ice tray?

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