The person, who hacked into celebrities’ iClouds and leaked their naked photos, has been…

The US government claims they have finally found the person, who is responsible for hacking into various celebrities’ iCloud accounts and leaking their naked photos on the web.

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

Do you remember that mass leak of naked celebrity pictures that occurred back in 2014? Nobody could figure out exactly who and how had managed to hack into so many famous people’s iCloud accounts and how the guy, who started posting them, managed to hand them over to so many people in no time.

Well, now the US government believes the person to blame for everything is a 36 year old man named Ryan Collins, who is residing in Pennsylvania, US. Ryan sent out tons of the so called phishing e-mails to a long list of celebs. These e-mails were covered up and seemed legit as if they were sent out by Apple’s officials asking people to reset their passcodes. After the celebs reset their passwords the new info went directly to Collins instead of to Apple, as they were led on to believe. That’s how he managed to hack into their accounts and to obtain the private photographs. From there on Collins started selling the material to various parties. One of the buyers, who was identified only with his online nickname OriginalGuy, was the one that started re-distributing them to other people. OriginalGuy claimed he wasn’t the one, who hacked the accounts and that he only paid for the material and sought more money to re-sell it.

Now Ryan Collins is getting sued under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for committing felony violations of the law and its clauses. He’s also getting charged with an unauthorized access to somebody else’s computer, which he used in order to carry out the deeds that threw the entire Internet off when the photos were leaked.

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