The Police Officer Who Arrested A Nurse For Doing Her Job Was Just Fired

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A Utah police officer, Jeff Payne, will face criminal charges for arresting Alex Wubbels, a nurse who was just doing her job.

Image Source: Facebook

Why the arrest happened?

Officer Jeff Payne went to the hospital to take a blood sample from unconscious truck driver who was involved in a car incident. Apparently the driver had nothing to do with it, despite his truck being hit by a car chased by the police. He had done nothing wrong and no there would be no charges for him.

Following the protocol the police officer was about to take blood sample. According to the state law, when there are no charges, in order to give a blood sample a person needs to be consent and conscious. When the police officer asked the nurse to get a sample she simply refused, because the patient was unconscious and couldn’t give his consent. She just did her job and didn’t want to violate the rules.

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When she said that they need to wait for the patient the police officer went really aggressive and arrested her for “obstructing justice”.

The footage from the arrest went viral.

Unfortunately another police officer Alex Wubbels was there and had his bodycam on him and everything was captured on a video that leaked online and went viral for less than 24 hours. There were a lot of comments about the unnecessary arrest and how the nurse was just doing her job. Also you can see on the video that officer Payne is threatening the nurse with arrest if she doesn’t comply.

The aftermath.

The nurse, Alex Wubbels, said that she didn’t want to press charges, but instead she wanted everybody to know about her unnecessary arrest, so situations like this will be avoided in the future.

The Salt Lake City, Utah police department spokeswoman Christina Judd said that Fire, Police and Nurses work together to save lives and they will do their best to avoid such situations in the future.

According to Judd the police department had already updated their policies on taking blood samples and all of the officers already got additional training.

Officer Jeff Payne is fired and is about to face criminal charges.

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