The Real And Sad Reason Adult Movie Stars Keep Dying Is Because They Are Suffering PTSD

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Would you believe it if a adult star states that she has been raped? It may sound strange, but these women tend to remain in silence, and this has had a devastating influence on their mental state.

There must be something very wrong happening in the industry, because four young actresses were found dead in less than three months. The most recent one was Olivia Nova, who lost her life at the young age of 20 years due to reasons that are currently unknown. She was found in her home in Los Angeles.

Olivia Nova had a relatively short career, as she just began performing in March 2017. Nevertheless, she was featured in productions by Brazzers, FTV Girls, Digital Sin, Naughty America, and New Sensations.

Canadian actress Shyla Styles, 35, died unexpectedly last November during her sleep.

August Ames was 23 when she was found dead on the 5th of December. Her real name was Mercedes Grabowski. The reasons for her death remain undisclosed, but one of her closest friends said that she committed suicide after suffering from depression for a long time.

Nine days after Ames, the 31-year-old Yuri Beltran lost her life, too. The most probable cause of her death is drug overdose.

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Mental health issues have always been a big problem in the adult world, but the recent spate of deaths of such young adult performers raise serious questions regarding how women are treated in the industry.

Everyone involved in the adult industry knows that a lot of stars are fighting with mental health issues, but the aforementioned tragic deaths occurring in such a short period of time raises suspicions about how the women in the adult world are treated.

According to the psychoanalyst Steve McKeown, close to 90% of the female stars want to leave the industry, but they have no other choice; most of them have experienced PTSD, which is a condition often associated with war veterans. Dr. Gail Dines talks about the issue in her TED Talk video:

As it turns out, the #MeToo campaign may be a good thing for women from other industries; however, for the sector, it has had the opposite effect.

Dr. Dines says that many of the rape or assault victims working in the industry field are not willing to come forward and speak, because they would most likely be not taken seriously or simply would be told that they should have seen it coming.

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The majority of the mainstream content that you see on sites like Pornhub or Brazzers is created in studios controlled by male directors, where women are often sought from all over the world by ‘suitcase pimps’, and they are truly exploited in horrible ways.

Gail Dines goes on to reveal a harrowing fact—gathered from her interviews with performers—and that fact is that one of the first things directors do when a new woman come to the set is contravene one of the rules put in place on her contract, and they do so as a way of breaking her.

The biggest portion of content as we know it today, such as in the case of the content on Brazzers or Pornhub, is produced in studios under the guidance of male directors. The women taking part come from all over the world and are often exploited.

Dr. Dines continues by saying that most young women are simply not aware of what is going to happen to them. They do not know about the possible abuse to their bodies and the potential disease(s) they might contract. The contract that is signed really means nothing, and it certainly cannot be considered consent to the rapes that happen on the set frequently.

Another thing that is very important and has to be said to all the girls who would consider a career in the industry is that most of the female actors are simply engaging in performances—a very small percentages of them go on to receive the “adult star” status.

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The industry, however, wants you to think that the women you see in the videos actually enjoy themselves and have the final word on the important things. Most of them would even say they do if asked, despite the fact that they do not, and they likely never will.

Gail Dines continues by wanting you to imagine what it takes to be a woman in an orgy with five men who end up ejaculating on your face after making rough intercourse to you for a long period of time. It would be tough to even stand up and walk, and the woman who performs the scene has to pretend that she likes it and do so day after day. If she has to give an interview and if they ask her whether she likes it or not, she will definitely say she loves it.

According to Dr. Dines, to get a more realistic answer, you must talk to a retired performer, because actresses would never tell the truth if they are still doing it. She says that she spoke to ex-actresses who said that they would have told her a very convincing story about how great it is if they had been asked a couple of years ago, and they would have done it because they would have considered it to be a protective measure for themselves due to violence in the “adult” world.

Many adult performers have told Dr. Dines that after their first attempt to shoot movies they feel something similar to what rape victims feel. When the shooting continues day after day, the trauma begins to settle, and it is both physical and mental.

Dr. Gale Dines tries to raise awareness about the lack of information about the real face of the industry, which many girls are not familiar with and they easily decide to join, not knowing what exactly they have gotten themselves into.

The contract every woman signs is like giving consent to lose control of the intimacy in their life—millions of people would most likely call them sluts. Furthermore, all of the images and videos created will just keep circulating, and even if a woman decides to quit, these materials will not just stop being distributed.

The physical downsides seem to be many. The horrific things that could happen on the set include various types of rape, rectal prolapse, danger of miscarriage if the woman is pregnant, and PTSD development due to the continuous abuse. In the case that a performer quits the industry and wants to sue the producers to stop distributing footage later on, attacks on social media platforms are likely to follow, and the producers’ lawyers will destroy such an attempt.

If all the above mentioned “little details” were actually present in the preliminary contract, there probably wouldn’t be a single candidate who would sign it.

People need to understand that almost every woman that took part in a video did not truly consent with it.

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Dr. Dines added that many women are vulnerable and could easily be forced into the industry under certain circumstances, but the society thinks that there is just another breed of women who making movies, and actually believes what we see in the videos is real pleasure. No woman deserves to be considered different in this way or think that the abuse she receives is something normal just because she is a performer.

In conclusion, she states that every time a video is played, it is a contribution to the ongoing harassment and sexual torture of numerous women. The decline in the mental health of the female actors is becoming more and more notable. The #MeToo campaign has to evolve to suit the need of these women, because there is no one they can talk to in order to reveal the pain inside of themselves.

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